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Tigers are one of the largest cat species in the entire world. The species is classified in the genus Panthera along with the lion, leopard, jaguar.

Tigers hunt in a quiet stealthy way, they stalk the prey for a little amount of time, then they charge at their prey quickly but quietly.

Tigers are mainly found in Asia around grasslands, swamps and rain forests. In order for tigers to survive, they must have a large area around them. Tigers need dense vegetation, prey and lots of water. A tigers camouflage is their biggest adaptation, it makes it easier for them to be sneaky and kill their prey.

Tigers can live up to 20-26 years, they can be up to 4 ft, a male can weigh up to 200 - 670 pounds. A female can weigh 140 - 370 pounds. There are up to 10 different species of tigers, Bengal Tigers, Siberian Tigers, and many other tigers.

The siberian tiger is the largest tiger in the species, the second biggest one is the south china tiger. Three out of the 10 species have become extinct.

Bengal Tigers love to swim in the water.

Bengal Tigers mainly eat amber dear, dogs, sloths and leopards.


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