Why do people in Africa struggle so much to survive? how can we help? Is there a solution to help African people get easier lives? What is their biggest struggles of life?

First, one of Africa’s main problems are its multiple diseases. Lots of African people die each year due to these diseases, for example Malaria, which is a disease that is carried by a mosquito. Tuberculosis which is a bacteria that especially hurts the lungs. Leprosy which is a disease that slowly kills you by. Helminthiasis which is a worm that is in your body slowly eating it. Elephantiasis is a parasitic infection that causes extreme swelling in arms and legs. And Trachoma which is a eye infection that leads to blindness. According to the website our-africa.org/poverty “Malaria kills a child thats under around 5 years old every 30 seconds.”

Image waking up off the ground really early, and the first thing you have to do is walk miles with a bucket over your head to get dirty water, hoping that today you might actually get to go to school.

As you may know, Africa has been struggling in many things, according to “Save the Children” ⅓ of African people are living in extreme poverty? Well believe it or not this is actually true! Every year thousands of people in Africa die because of poverty, hunger, lack of food and water, or disease. While we're living in dreamland complaining about all the stuff we don’t have, children in Africa are struggling to get water and food.

I bet you’ve heard about this topic before, but did you actually know how and why this is? This article will tell you all about why Africa has been struggling so much, and what we can do to help.s

Second, another of Africa’s main problem is its extreme poverty, poverty means the state of being extremely poor. Africa is the only content that poverty has increased, by 1981. The word poverty means “a state of being very poor.” And that's exactly how about 40% of African people live. A lot of people live that live in extreme poverty live in urban slums, which are little unsafe house crunched together. Some people in Africa live in even worse conditions they mostly suffer off, lack of clean water and food, shelter, clothing. The African people that live in poverty normally don’t have clean water, sometimes they need to walk miles away from their home everyday to get water that isn't clean.

Third, another of Africa’s problems is its health care, health care means the improvement of health. Many people in Africa don’t have clean drinking water and have to walk for miles to get water that is muddy and unsafe. This normally leads to them getting ill, sick and diarrhea, and the worst part is they don’t have anything to help them. There is An average of 1.15 health workers per 1000 people in Africa, as a result then that means more people not having good health.

But there is a way to help Africa in a number of things, such as treatment centers, that bring people and children food and clean drinking water, feeding programs that will give food to people who really need it, or farms and small business investments, to help parents feed their children.

Save the children's program has helped hundreds of African people living in extreme poverty. In South Dunan the program has set up stabilization centers to help children that struggle in getting food, so that they get food. They have given people seeds so that they can build a farm and feed their family, tools and equipment, life saving medicines, and have made sure that communities, which are groups of people are well educated, and lots more.

But why bother studying this topic at all? Well if we know more about African people and their struggles, then we can find better and other ways to help them. Even today African people are struggling to survive, so the next time you start to complain about all the stuff you don’t have, take a moment to think about what you just read.


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