Leopard Geckos By Elise

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Body Parts and Shape

Hunting and Eating



Caring For your Leopard Gecko



All about the Author

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In this book you will learn about Leopard Geckos. Have you ever wondered why Leopard Geckos are called Leopard Gecko? they get their name from a leopard! because they have spots and a yellow background. Also have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Leopard Gecko? well you will learn in my book!.


I used to think that leopard geckos lived in trees! but I learned that leopard geckos live in wide rocky areas they live in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and South Asia. Leopard Geckos aren't well known it is because sometimes food is very hard to find witch means that they will sometimes starve to death but don't worry not very many are going extinct since they live in rocky areas and desserts there not likely for people to come and kill them but just because Leopard Geckos aren't endangered it could still happen.

Body Parts and Shape

Leopard Geckos got there name from the leopard because of their spots and yellow background but not all Leopard Geckos are like that because there is many different colors. Leopard Geckos have triangular heads unlike any other Geckos. Leopard Geckos have 5 toes and 4 skinny legs with claws. Another reason why Leopard Geckos bodies are so awesome is because when the Leopard geckos can't find any food their tail will store extra metabolism!.

Hunting and Eating

When Leopard Geckos need something to eat they will track down their prey with their senses to track their food down some of these senses are smell, sight, and hearing they eat crickets and meal worms and sometimes small mammals when they've tracked down their food they will pounce when Leopard Geckos are trying to get away from their PREDATOR they will drop their tail and it will confuse their PREDATOR because their tail will still be moving but don't worry they will grow their tail back as long as it does not get infected.


When two Leopard Geckos get together and mate the male will fertilize the females eggs when they mate just like a human when the female Leopard gecko is ready to lay her eggs she will most likely to have 2 to 4 eggs every 5 to 4 months in batches. the Leopard Gecko female lays her eggs they are not hard like bird eggs they are like stale marshmallows. Another cool thing about leopard gecko babies is that what the weather is like when the Leopard Geckos mate it might determine what their gender might be. when the Leopard Gecko babies are ready to leave it is most likely they will leave around the age of 8 months to 1 year. If you want to mate your leopard geckos make sure they are in a place that is very warm so I suggest getting or making an inqubater.


When you house two Leopard Geckos together it does matter what gender they are so I will tell you if you house a male with a male they will most likely fight to tell that they are going to fight is if they start bobbing their heads next if you house two females the only likely time for them to fight is if its over their eggs which they get very protective of so the best thing to do is just to get different terrariums its the safest thing to do.

Caring for your Leopard Gecko

It is very important to know how to care for your Leopard Gecko the first thing to know about how to care for your Leopard Gecko is that if you learn about were you are getting your Leopard Gecko make sure if your getting from a seller to know what there before life of your Leopard Gecko so it's okay to ask them lot's of questions because you want to learn about them. Next if you decide to mate your Leopard Geckos together and you have lot's of confidence about it but something could still happen so here are some things that you will need to mate your Leopard Geckos you will need a inqubater to keep the baby Leopard Geckos warm lastly your going to have to have your babies in the same terrarium. Next your going to have to get vitamins and supplements to keep your Leopard Geckos healthy also if you think there something is wrong with your Leopard Gecko make sure you know a lot about your vet.

Your Leopard Geckos Terrarium

It is important for your Leopard Gecko to have a nice home to do that you will have to take a trip to the pet store you will need to get things like plants and you will also need 2 different hides you will need one warm hide and one cold hide the reason for this is leopard geckos sometimes like to shed in the cold hide and they will sleep most likely in the warm hide it is also important to have a shedding box just in case they don't want to shed in the cold hide you can also have a moist hide but its not NECESSARY you can use a ten gallon tank or bigger don't put the terrarium vertical because they do not like to climb, you will also need a food dish and a water dish it is important to have something on the ground like paper towels or eco earth which is like a kind of dirt that is easy to clean i do not request sand because they can digest it which is not good it is also reacquired to have a heat lamp to keep them warm. i hope you take my advice and make your Leopard Geckos home amazing!

All about Auther

Hi my name is Elise I wrote this book because I want you to learn more about Leopard Geckos. I like to write and read and play the piano in my free time I like to play with my american girl dolls i hope you liked my book!.


I hope you have enjoyed my first book! I know that i had a lot of fun whritting this book! you have learned Leopard Geckos Habitat, Body parts and Shape, how they find food and their food, babies, Roomates and caring for your Leopard Geckos and a little bit about me!. Well I hope you continue to read about Leopard Geckos and remember keep trying t not make them extinct there not endangered yet but it could happen fast!.


bobbing when something goes up and down,

Confuse when something or someone does not know something or does not know what to do,

climate a tempature of an area outside,

determine to find out something,

fertilize when somebody or something is a source for something to grow,

house to put something or somebody together,

metabolism a source of digestion,

senses things like hearing, seeing, feeling, and tasting,

tail a body part of a Leopard Gecko,

triangular a shape with 3 sides and 3 vertices.

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