My Term 2 Goals By Vrushti


By the end of term 2 I would like to get better at my level five punctuation by:

  • Not rushing my work so I can add my punctuation.
  • Editing my work after finishing my work.
  • And remember to use punctuation by looking at the wall.


This term I would likely get at leas at half way around the world by:

  • Reading every day and night for half an hour.
  • Reading bigger books.
  • And recording my reading on my iPad so I know how much I have read.

For my maths goal I would like to get better at my fractions and decimals by:

  • Trying them at home to practice them.
  • Trying my best at school and having a go.
  • And using mathletics.


My personal goal is to do well in debating I will achieve it by:

  • Paying attention to all the tiny details.
  • Trying my best and not giving up.
  • And challenging myself to do my best.

The end


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