Journey Log Two Jenny Contonio - jennyfromtheblock - warrior - sec 41

Habits of Mind used: Openness and Engagement

This past week, I went to my communication class that is 2 hours and 45 minutes long once a week. Normally this class goes by fairly uneventful but this week something happened that left a lasting effect on me. More like someone rather than something. There is one student in the class that just drives me nuts. Everything he says is just not very informed or factual but he has a lot to say. He was in my group for group work this week and it really tested my strength. Normally I don’t butt heads very easily with people and I am not quite sure what rubs me wrong about this student. I try not to get upset by his comments or annoyed by his debating with other students in the class. Since it is a public speaking course, it is really important that all students can speak openly without being judged by their classmates. I totally agree that as students we should all be respectful of other student’s opinions even if we don’t agree with them. With that being said, I really don’t appreciate this student’s opinions. It took me a little bit of class to realize that that is okay. Even if I don’t agree with their opinion, I can still listen and respond without causing a problem. Now this sounds really mature of me I know, and looking back I definitely don’t think I fully took this statement to heart. In the moment of being in class, all I wanted to do was punch this kid in the face. He makes rude comments that are uneducated and attempts to pretend that he is smarter than I am and smarter than the rest of the class. I spent all of class being irritated by everything that came out of this kids mouth, and brought that irritation back home with me. This is a poor decision for myself.

In the future I hope to be more open minded when it comes to that class, in an attempt to better myself and better my time in that classroom. It is a waste of two hours and forty-five minutes of my time a week if I do not gain something from that class. By wasting my time being irritated by a single student, I don’t end up gaining anything from the class. I also want to work on my openness because I will not always agree with what other people say, especially in the business world. I imagine I will see a lot more people like this student once I get my first job out in the real world. Coming from the North, I should be used to people speaking their minds in a way I don’t agree with, but I still struggle to not let it bother me. I still get irritated when people say arrogant and ignorant things, but I should just take it with a grain of salt and move on. That will definitely be my goal in that class for the rest of the semester.

This entire situation also challenged my engagement with the course and the material. By being more open minded I hope I can better engage myself with the material being learned in class. I am not in love with communications, which I think most people can agree with, but I know it is a common core class for a reason. Clemson believes I can gain valuable knowledge for the future by taking this course, so I trust that they know what’s best. My hope is if I get past my irritation and really pay attention and appreciate the course for what it is, it will better prepare me for my career in the business world. If I truly engage with the material, even if this class does nothing else for me, at least I hopefully won’t dread going to class each week.


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