A Tale of Two Cities Characters By: steven torrico

Madame Defarge is a mysterious character at first because she is always knitting, but throughout the book you start to realize that she is bloodthirsty and wants to kill all aristocrats as revenge
Monsieur Defarge is a wine shop owner and the one who plans and leads the revolution in France
Dr. Manette was put in jail where he made shoes for 18 years and was later reconnected with his daughter by Jarvis Lorry.
Lucie Manette is the daughter of Dr. Manette she is also known as the Golden Thread because all major events linked to her
Charles Darnay is married to Lucie and is an Evermond, his uncle was the one who put Dr. Manette in jail
Sydney Carton is a drunk who is in love with Lucie Manette, he is always thinking bad of himself but would sacrifice himself to save anyone that Lucy cares about

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