Freshman/Senior Breakfast August 21, 2017 @ 7:00 AM


Here at Daniel High School, we think that students should be friends regardless of their class or age and that's why we're introducing the first ever Freshman/Senior Breakfast on August 21, 2017 at 7:00 AM in the cafeteria. This will be a great opportunity for freshman to get some inside information on Daniel and for seniors to pass on helpful tips so that they can carry out their legacy in the coming years.


While we're so excited about this upcoming event, we do know that there can be challenges to bringing together two groups that are different in many ways. One challenge is that there might not be much to talk about initially: freshmen and seniors have different friends, participate in different activities, and are at different stages of social development. Another challenge that we see is getting these two different groups to come together because of their preconceived notions about one another. Freshman are often frightened by the "big, bad" seniors and seniors often thing that all freshman are immature and childish.


Since we've acknowledged that there are a number of challenges to bringing together freshmen and seniors, we'd like to offer up some solutions to these challenges. Our first solution is to have "ambassadors" from each grade talking to another another before the event begins. This way there is nothing mystic about the other class of students- they're just people with things to share. In addition, we're hoping that having this meeting around a meal will help with any of the challenges. Everyone shares the trait of eating and breaking bread has long been a way to find common group- we're hoping to continue this tradition.


In addition to our solutions, we would also just like to list some of the similarities between these two groups to show that they aren't so different after all:

-Both students at Daniel High School

-Both taking classes that challenge them

-Both have to deal with parents and siblings

-Both watch TV and movies

-Both have similar tastes in music

Explanation of Event

Our event will include bringing together...

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