Quod bona vitae, Tribus superessendam

Major food sources on my island are gained by fishing and hunting. The wild animals would include deer, boar, elk, and different types of fowl. We will also have gardens and multiple different crops to work on. We would be able to cook our own food over open fires.
We will live in huts and most of the buildings will be built by the people there. The weather will be extremely mild and there cannot be any natural disasters.
Entertainment will be handled through singing, dancing, and really whatever you can make with your two hands and the supplies in the wilderness all around. You won't get bored easily because you will do different jobs to keep you somewhat busy. No work will mean you will become bored quickly.
Clothes can be anything you want, within reason. No strange "fashion" designs that make no sense to have (like pants that are too short...). Because of the mild climate we will not be needing too much heavy clothing.
There will be metal smiths and mines to create weaponry for defense. Books will be provided for reading as entertainment and learning (if necessary).
Vivat Filii Silvam


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