All About Me a visual Resume of Jack Minh Wong.

Who am I?

  • Lifelong learner specializing in Marketing & Communications
  • Master Chef, Foodie, and Restaurateur
  • Passionate innovator and Aspiring Marketer

Promoting positive communities and economic growth in our city

Born and raised here in Calgary, AB, Canada, I spent a large majority of my life listening to other people's stories and passing on their experiences. Through that process I have learned and mastered the art of Humility, Empathy and Patience. Last year, I decided to train and run the Spartan Race, which is not your average 5K race. It was a long and grueling experience that I have ever faced in my life. While I was running, I never thought about quitting despite the four leg cramps, two swollen ankles and the pool of blood forming in my foot. I just kept going. I thought about the feeling of accomplishment and pushing through til the very end. Once I've committed it'll be finished. That's the kind of person who I am. Now I put that perseverance through my work and education but this time I don't have to run, jump or climb obstacles. I just move through them.

I offer the entrepreneurial stamina and wisdom to drive bottom line growth and to inspire employees to perform at their best. My core values is Hard work, Honesty and Happiness. I have over six years of successful sales experience within the telecommunication and financial industry. I'm constantly finding new ways to challenge myself and seek happiness through traveling, competitive races, writing and meditation.

Spartan Race Finisher

Chief Strategy Officer for A+ Agency

Objective: Come up with a new three year ticket marketing strategy for the Calgary Stampede Rodeo and Grandstand shows specifically targeting millennial demographic.


  • Stay within budget of $300,000 per year. Total $900,000 for all three years.
  • Competed against two other student agency groups.
  • Maintained harmony within the team and resolve all conflicts in a efficient manner.
  • Established strict deadlines and conducted weekly meetings with specific result driven tasks.
  • Superior attention to detail and ensured project was client ready before deadline.

Result: Successfully pitched our marketing strategy and was selected as the best strategy to be implemented within the next three years.

My Aspirations

As a fourth year marketing student, my current goal is to obtain a position where I can apply my knowledge and skills to; create BOLD content, find GOLD within data mining, and make a positive IMPACT.

One day, I see myself walking through a park with my family and see a monument that my team has erected as a part of our marketing strategy. I would take a knee and tell my child "Hey, you see that there? Daddy made that to show the world what I can do." I want to leave a legacy for my loved ones and everyone to be inspired by.


  • Scholar: Mount Royal University
  • Graduation: December 2017
  • Undergrad: Business & Administration
  • Majoring: Marketing

Professional Experience

  • Retail Experience Associate @ Tangerine Bank
  • Team Lead @ Inventa Brand Experience
  • Lead Advisor @ Junior Achievement Company Program
  • General Member @ MRU Marketing Society
  • Adept Web developer @ Lighthouse Labs


Recipient of Top Part-Time Retail Associate award @ Tangerine Bank

I have the desire to...

Expand my creative skills and abilities
Network and connect with others
Learn more about myself, others, communities and the world
Pursue new challenges and discover new inspirations
To teach and pass on my experiences to inspire others
Have fun!
After reading my story, I hope that you'll feel my drive and tenacity to deliver results. That you'll be eager to get in touch with me, as I will be just as eager to meet you. That you'll ask questions and provide me with your insight on life. That you'll find a positive addition to your organization. Just know that I'll be more excited to gain a new relationship and learn more about YOU.

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

- Dr. Seuss

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Jack Wong

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