"Funnyyy"-Mary By: Ishaly Lopez

Mary is inside Bapu ready for lunch. She got a milk tea with boboa, it was her first time trying it. "Is the drink good ?"
In class they are talking about primary colors asking what do the colors mean to the students. Mary gave a short and different answer then the rest. " Blue is a calm color".
Listening on how to make words pop from the background. She doesn't say much during lecture but agrees and nods head when she understands what is happening. "What colors the most?".
Rests during lunch break after a long time walking around. She enjoyed her drink while at the same time on social media catching up with what she has missed. "Look at this post its funny".
Eats pizza and jokes/talks with her friends. She started to ask questions about photography and how everything works. "I don't like crust".
Tries to figure out where to go eat and which directions to take. When Mary walks around she is usually hearing music but at a low level where she could still hear and talk to you. " Where do we go eat" .
Discovers how to expand a picture, switch its colors and when she zooms in she sees pixels. She mentioned that she has never taken design before. " Where do I expand it ?".
Breaths and relaxes before heading to class. Mary takes in all her free time and tries to enjoy every minute of it, even in class. "What time do we head to class again ?".

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