Art by Emily dewolfe

3/8/17- We chose our project people and we looked them up and then we tried to start sketching. I chose Romero Britto. I really like his colors and simple designs. Hes a cool dude in my opinion.

3/10/17- I was confused on what was going on so i observed my peers and encouraged them while I thought out my ideas. I'm not sure I like this project that much so far. But it may just be because I can't really figure it out and I'm not sure what to do.

3/14/17- Worked more on sketches and tried to figure out what the heck I was doing. Thinking about what I like. I am starting off late on this but I will get there. Trying to find hope!

3/16/17- worked on better sketches and thought of more ideas to incorporate Romero Britto. I have hope now. I want to do good on this so I am gonna start staying later.

3/20/17- I was still a little stumped on what I was gonna do for the covers. I signed up for husky time on Wednesday. Hopefully I will get more stuff done and really figure out. Even tho I ask Mrs. McCall too many questions.

3/22/17- I came in for husky time and brainstormed my ideas and then me and ms. McCall, the genius, came up with me doing records for the covers and it really got me moving and working on my sketches. Music is something that represents me a lot so it got me excited to figure out the rest of this project.

3/24/17- I am loving my art project and really starting to get a move on it. I thought out things on how i was gonna color it and it looks good. I like how it is turning out so far and I am getting excited. I am hoping to continue the music theme.


Created with images by dbking - "Artist Romero Britto"

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