Sunny Day Flooding by:sydney slone

Where does Sunny Day Flooding occur?

Sunny day flooding most often occurs in coastal location. According to Climate Central, “6 inches of the Atlantic coastal sea level has risen since 1900 from humans causing global warming.”Since this issue is affecting American coastal towns even Texas. More evidence of flooding in coastal town is Boston. According to Kirschen from the EBSCO Article, “The high tides have flooded the streets with 22 inches of water in Boston”. This is happening in both northern and southern coastal towns. People in many coastal towns have had to adapt to these occurring events in their daily lives.

How frequently does this Sunny Day Flooding happen?

Sunny Day Flooding happens a lot in many american coastal cities, and coastal locations, According to the research report by Climate central stated, “In many locations around the world floods happen 10 to 20 times a year.” This means that flooding can almost happen 2 times every month. According to Jeff from the Ebsco article, “The really high tides and the powerfulness and the weight of the water has caused land to sink in. This is causing it to become a more frequent occurrence which means more damage.” The amount of damage it causes how often it is impacts how people live their everyday lives.

How does it impact the community?

Sunny day flooding affects the way people live their lives According to Lanham from Proquest said, “One guy woke up finding 2 feet of water on his lower level. And some elderly people were rescued from their homes because they were trapped.” it is getting to the point where people are being trapped in their houses, the next step is to figure out what to do. According to Cardiff Airport worker Scott said, “They expect 25,000 people through its doors during the august bank holiday weekend trying to find sun for once from all the flooding happening.” The impacts on the community have made people have to try to find ways to help the community out and rebuilt their home town.

What is the community doing to help with the flooding?

Communities facing flooding are investing money and effort into the problem. Places like Miami need massive investments. The New York Times stated, “Miami beach is investing $400M in a plan to raise streets and elevating the sea wall.” In the meantime, places have to clean up as best they can. Matthew H. from Proquest stated, “In Texas, Council workers spent much of their day coordinating ways to clear the roads, and free up blocked culverts.” The time and effort put into making the future for sunny day flooding has changed and is on its way hopefully to recovery.

What is the future for Sunny Day Flooding?

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