Prodigy The awesome math game

Did you know that Prodigy is the best math game in the country? it's very fun and it's

cool. You should know over 9 million people are playing prodigy. In this article, you will learn how you level up, how to catch a pet, and become a member. It is like a dream. I love it- it's so fun. You should try it out is good.

Imagine you wanted to become a member on Prodigy. But why? Hmm. You would of course! You have to have a reason. When I became a member on Prodigy, I had a reason- I wanted to get on a high level faster and by opening the member chest, I would get a lot of stars and coins. First, ask a grown up because it costs money. You have to do the monthly payment so you will be a member as long as you play Prodigy . Then if your parents say yes, and they sign you up, you're a member.

I will be telling you how to catch a pet on Prodigy First, you already know you have to download the app. and then get used to then you know when you're in the middle of a wizard battle. On Prodigy you will see a “catch” button with a cat on it. When it is red, if you have more than 500 coins, .you can catch it! That's how to catch a pet on Prodigy.

I will be telling you how to have a wizard battle with your friends on Prodigy. First thing is that you download the app. Then you click the same world as your friends. Meet at a place. Then click on them. Press battle! They will have a little mailbox. It will say 1 request and if they want to battle you, there will be a green check. and then now you know How to Have a wizard battle .

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