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"Fine art was my foundation, design became my purpose. First, we must define what the problems are, identify solutions and execute them around psychological purpose or intent."

Phillip J. Clayton is a hybrid consultant, his focus is centred around Art & Design, and Business & Marketing. He started out in the fine arts and found his purpose as a designer and creative consultant with 15+ years of experience working in the creative industry, Advertising & Marketing. His focus is on Brand Design & Development; vision, strategy, identity, and design solutions. He is inspired by people, passionate about teamwork, and practices a holistic approach to delivering excellent creative solutions that drive business results. He is a founding partner of noTheName:PJC, a hybrid brand focused business solutions agency.

He is also a writer and a member of the PAC Global Leadership Awards International Judging Commission.

"The first point of contact is what to call another person, this is what we are told to address them by and often, a name is all we have for a while." Read more...

"I believe holistically in the notion that brands are built by people for people if we strip away the business functions, and the design itself we are left with something else," Read more...

Every process of development that leads to a brand should be considered. Knowing the brand socially, for example, helps with understanding its personality, likes and dislikes. Every detail, no matter how small, can help with development. No one builds a brand, we define them. Read more...
“Tune in to this fascinating episode of The Businessology Show as @clayton_phillip takes us on a deep-dive of what a brand truly is and how it reveals value!” Listen here...
“Managing a brand is not easy, consumers are tough judges. Anti-corporate types of people will look for reasons to chastise brands and show their “evil ways”, and the larger the brand the more vulnerable it is. “ Listen here...

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Below you will find highlights of various works Phillip helped to execute for some of the companies he worked for, as well as the current partner firm noTheName.

A small overview.

Pepsi Jamaica

Pepsi Jamaica relaunch of the 2008 Arnell Group Pepsi identity, 2010-2011 employment to Epiphany Media Solutions (Design house).


In-store billboards and print designs for Mega Mart ( a local Jamaican supermarket chain).

Digicel Group Tapestry Competition (2012)

Winning entry.

Some highlights from Phillip's time at Advertising & Marketing Jamaica Ltd. (Full communication agency).

Works executed for Advertising & Marketing Jamaica Ltd (admarkjamaica.com), during his employment to the agency.


Team effort: Michael Matalon (pixelatesolutions.com), Andre Gordon and Phillip J. Clayton

Bob Marley's 73rd

Gary's Pet Services

The aim is influence through stimulation of the senses.
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Any works shown in this document are to be considered confidential and are only for viewing purposes. They were created by noTheName:PJC and belong to the clients they were created for where applicable, all creative samples in this document are subject to copyright.