Evaluating Tools and technologies

Technologies: There are a number of different technologies I could of used such as a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. To do my controlled task I chose to use a computer. the reason I chose a computer is because I think it is the best and easier option to be able to do the controlled task. This is because it is already set up and connected to the internet. If i had used a laptop the internet may have been slower due to the wiureless connection. also I would of needed to make sure it was charged before statrting or make sure I was near a plug socket. It is better than using a smart phone because it may be harder to write on a smartphone, due to it being smaller in size.

Tools: There were also many tools that were available to use when doing this controlled task such as Emaze, adobe spark, and prezzie. for this task I use both adobe spark and Emaze because I have used both before and I feel more comfortbale using them. Also they both make your work look much more pressional than other tools.

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