Dexter Southfield continuously pushes me to be the best version of myself every single day. From my very first step on campus every morning, to the last step I took on the graduation stage, I was always reminded that the Dexter Southfield community was there to push me to be my best in every way. On top of the competitive athletics and rigorous academics, the Dexter Southfield community is certainly one of a kind and made up of encouraging friends, teammates, coaches, and teachers that will be with me forever.

Caroline Werner, Class of 2019 (Union College)

I attend Dexter Southfield because of its great academics and sports. The students that go here are so nice and welcoming, especially when you're new. The teachers are very helpful if you're having trouble in a class. The environment is amazing - the campus is very nice, and the fields are great for many sports.

Current Student, Class 7

Ryan Donato, Class of 2015 (Harvard University; NHL Player for Minnesota Wild)

I decided to come to Dexter Southfield because of the support system from the teachers and faculty. The smaller class sizes allow us to form close connections with our teachers who are always there to help and support us.

Current Student, Class 11

Sam Gacicia, Class of 2008 and Current Teacher

As WW II became more apparent, my father decided to join the Navy to do his part. My mother decided to move closer to Boston, and we ended up in Brookline. What a great day for me and my younger brother, Dick, when we landed at Dexter Southfield. We thrived under the teaching staff, the coaches for athletics, and made many new friends, some of whom are still close friends.

Rob Leeson, Class of 1945 (Harvard University, Retired)

Ellie Wilson, Class of 2019 (Elon University) - Lyla Wilson, Class of 2019 (St. Lawrence University) - Janey Wilson, Class of 2019 (Northwestern University)

I love Dexter Southfield because it builds friendships that will last a lifetime. It opened my eyes to a world of possibilities that were never thought of before I came here. Finally, it allows me to excel in my academic pleasures, which I am eternally grateful for.

Current Student, Class 7

Katie McNamara, Class of 2008

It is great how nice the Dexter Southfield community is. If you need help, both teachers and students jump right in without you having to ask.

Current Student, Class 8

John, Class 12

The school is very well-rounded. The academics, athletics and extra-curricular activities are amazing. Everyone is super nice, and I think you will enjoy it here!

Current Student, Class 8

Nicki Stanton, Class of 2018 (St. Lawrence University)

Because "Our Best Today, Better Tomorrow" is how I run my life -- always looking to do my best, but still be better the next time. It’s what led me to a top undergraduate institution, team captain in one sport and participant in another (despite being a terrible athlete), two graduate degrees, and now as a leader running my own company. Dexter Southfield made me what I am today by guiding me through those critical years.

Robert Reiser, Class of 1991 (Bowdoin College, George Washington University, Cornell University; Wilevco)

Julie Mumford, Current Parent

The holistic education is magic! Our children are developing in every important way. We have happy kids, learning important life skills, such as compassion and acceptance. They also have the opportunity to explore and grow academically and athletically, while having fun and building confidence.

Beth Barnes, Current Parent

Patrick Daly, Class of 2016

I went to Dexter Southfield to become a better student, athlete, and overall person. Dexter Southfield challenged me academically in the classroom and pushed me to explore the many athletic opportunities available. The sense of community helped me learn morals I still live by to this day.

William Feeney, Class of 2014 (Trinity College)

Luke, Class 11

Dexter Southfield is full of genuine, kind, and intelligent people who never fail to put a smile on your face. From Mr. Vincent saying 'Good Morning' to Ms. Taylor giving you a wave, you feel as if you are part of something so much bigger than just a school - you are part of an amazing community.

Current Student, Class 10

Dexter Southfield whets your appetite for knowledge and stimulates your curiosity to accomplish the new and (before) impossible. I learned to skate and play hockey and learned to public speak in front of large audiences with ease, something that has lived with me until this day. Further, the spirit of competition and camaraderie will be something to cherish for a lifetime.

Andre Stark, Class of 1972 (University of Vermont, Synergy Media Partners)

Isobel, Class 9

What really caught my attention was the incredible culture here at Dexter Southfield. It starts at the very top with Mr. Vincent. His spirit and pride for the school is contagious. I wanted to be a part of this incredible culture and family, which is why I made the decision to come here.

Current Student, Class 10

The campus here is superb, with many sports facilities and comfortable areas to do homework. The teachers are very friendly and welcoming, making the experience so much better. The community is also very nice and definitely worth joining.

Current Student, Class 8

Jack Rathbone, Class of 2015 (Harvard University)

The School is very well-rounded. The academics, athletics, and all other extra-curricular activities are amazing. Everyone is super nice, and I think you will it enjoy it here!

Current Student, Class 8

Ayah, Class 11

When I went to visit for the first time, the students made me feel so welcome on campus. When I attended, these people became some of my best friends to this day. Mr. Vincent was also an important figure in helping me decide on my admission. When I heard him speak, I knew he would have the best interests of the student in mind.

Ryan Glynn, Class of 2016 (Trinity College)

Nolan Donato, Class of 2018 (Providence College)

I love Dexter Southfield. It's such a welcoming and friendly school. The teachers are understanding and make sure everyone understands the materials. All the students are kind and helpful and are friendly no matter what. I've learned so much and have made many strong friendships.

Current Student, Class 7

Dexter Southfield gave me the assertiveness to never question my presence in a room, because it never happened in the classroom. I still use skills obtained during my formative elementary years at Dexter Southfield in my day-to-day work at an artificial intelligence company where I am one of the few women on my team. I owe a lot of my success to the confidence I gained being in an environment that allowed me to develop without social pressure.

Dana Lucas, Class of 2014 (University of Massachusetts Amherst; Root AI)

Susie, Class 12

I wanted a small, close-knit community that has similar values I hold. I loved my time at Dexter Southfield and remain close to all of my connections there over the years! I hope you have a similar and great experience!

Hannah Milne, Class 2016 (Trinity College)

"The environment is always welcoming, and people smile when you walk by. People talk to you regardless of whether they are close to you, and everyone embraces themselves. The sports are always so much fun, and the classes are never boring. This is why I came to Dexter Southfield."

Current Student, Class 7

Caoilinn, Class 11

I made the decision to go to Dexter Southfield because I have been going to the Summer Camp for about eight years, and I love the people and the campus. I also love how the education and athletics are perfectly proportioned.

Current Student, Class 8

Dexter Southfield instills the motto 'Our Best Today, Better Tomorrow.' This motto stays in the back of my mind as I do everything. It's a motto I'll remember to the end. That's why I appreciate and love the school.

Current Student, Class 8

Alex Hill, Class of 2019 (Tulane University)

Because almost nine years since graduation day, and with many experiences in that time, I still lean on the lessons learned at Dexter Southfield the most. It is such a wonderful community of teachers, faculty members, and families who are dedicated to each student’s success in its myriad of forms.

Ellen Campbell, Class of 2011 (Trinity College - Dublin, George Washington University Law Center; White & Case)

You will unknowingly become prepared for the real world each and every day at Dexter Southfield. You would be surprised how many simple things you learn there that others have never been exposed to; walking on the right side of the hallway, looking people in the eye when you shake their hand, and saying good morning to folks in passing are just a few of these things.

Oliver Ray, Class of 2010 (Southern Methodist University, Rock Ridge Royalty Company)

Bobby Pearl, Class of 2019 (Bowdoin College)

Dexter Southfield is a place of opportunity. Throughout my years here, I have had many opportunities through academics and athletics. Taking classes that are not available at other schools has led me to have a better education. Being involved on three varsity sports teams has created lots of friendships and has allowed me to connect with college coaches.

Current Student, Class 11