#ONESOCKAHEAD Wool Socks America - Social Strategy

Where are we now?

The sock market is saturated.

Super Core is taking over established territory already crowded with brands like Smart Wool, and newer brands like Stance and Happy Feet are moving in on the younger consumer. Not to mention the myriad of industry specific niche brands taking advantage of the shop small – shop local movement. You need more than just retail presence, and you can no longer rely on your current customer base to grow your business.

Enter Social Media...

Contrary to popular belief, Social Media is not…

…leaving behind your brand’s authenticity or heritage and becoming something you’re not.

…pandering to the millennial generation at the expense of alienating existing customers.

Social Media is…

… a way to welcome new customers while aligning with your current ones.

… a tool to create coherent campaigns with a multi pronged approach.

… a method of growing your sales without selling yourself.

Campaign Goals


• Create compelling, targeted content in order to boost immediate sales

• Increase engagement and grow audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr in order to broaden brand awareness on social platforms

• Establish main story points in order to create a strong brand foundation


• Engage users authentically and in real time in order to build trust and investment in the brand

• Establish a consistent brand voice and visual language across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr in order to create a strong, unified presence

• Increase brand awareness and connection in order to reduce churn and create long term relationships with users

Overall Story Concept

An active American takes 10,000 steps per day.

That’s 3,650,000 steps per year.

We’ve been in business for 30 years.

For one American, that’s 109,500,000 steps.

That’s 109,500,000 chances to learn, refine, grow, and perfect the design of our socks.

And that’s just where it starts. We’ve also run, skied, biked, hunted, fished, and hiked our way through the steps necessary to creating the best sock on the planet.

Odor repellent. Blister resistant. Anatomically designed.

And Made in America.

Everyone else is a step behind.


Made in the USA. Now and always.

Chosen Platforms

Facebook - Inform Your Community

o Share news items

o Announce product launches

o Invite people to events

Instagram - Inspire Your Community

o Aspirational images of the outdoors

o Brand partnerships with like minded companies

o Influencers who authentically represent your brand’s story

Twitter - Engage Your Community

o Be a part of the relevant conversation

o Establish your brand’s voice and belief system

o Lead with ideas and discourse

Tumblr - Nourish Your Community

o Write long form brand stories

o Create photo blogs

o Host video content

Bright, sharp visuals of real people wearing your socks, doing real things.


Visual Language

• Close up series of socks being put on with consistent background design

• Bright, crisp, colorful imagery

• Variety of colors, genders, and ages

Written Voice

• Tight, clear, concise

• Straightforward and no-nonsense

• Direct in tone, but inspirational in words

Content Development


• Where all content lives and where all social points back to

• #OneSockAhead branding and feel

• Link to featured product is prominent

• Ambassador profiles and links to social accounts live here

Mosty Toastys - A Best Seller


• Main Launch Asset – Create branding video that uses the #OneSockAhead story to build a strong campaign foundation.

• Gather stories from two of your Ambassadors and two Internal champions.

• Footage from factory floor

• Finished Assets:

o 2:30 minute evergreen Brand Video to live on website

o 1 minute teaser video for use on all social platforms.


• Internal Factory shots – in tandem with video

• Internal Champion portraits/shots – in tandem with video

• Ambassador portraits/shots – in tandem with video

• Finished Assets for use on web and social:

o 20 Factory selects

o 15 Internal Champion selects

o 15 Ambassador selects


• Company History/Profile

• Two Ambassador Profiles

• Two Internal Champion Profiles

The Faces


Find 15 runners, hikers, cyclists, etc from around the country to act as brand ambassadors on their social platforms.

Create contract that outlines expectations, launch plan, and maintenance.

Send #OneSockAhead care packages with relevant product.

Create 1 month worth of content from Ambassador efforts as a starting point.

Internal Champions

• Select 5 internal company members with social media accounts to act as in-house brand champions

• Distribute #OneSockAhead care packages with relevant product

• Interview each company member to get their full story, along with professional photography

Sample Posts

Facebook Business Page
Sample Facebook Post
Sample Instagram Posts

Offline Life

• POP and In Store displays that use established #OneSockAhead imagery and language

• Packaging design that features user submitted #OneSockAhead stories/content as well as established imagery and language

• Special Edition products that features #OneSockAhead design collaborations with relevant athletes in the category



• Film – $10,000

• Photography - $5,000


• Socks - $2,000 (in total)

• #OneSockAhead Swag for Ambassadors and Champions - $1500

Online Promotion

• Facebook/Instagram Post Promotion - $3,000 for two months

Measuring Effectiveness

Social Media

• Steady, continual growth of not just followers – but engaged, high quality followers that will build a community

• Increased engagement and conversation on all social media posts, including comments, reactions, and shares

• Data driven targets and metrics to be established at every stage, once baseline results have been established


• Increase in website traffic and sales conversions

• Decrease in customer churn

• Data driven targets and metrics to be established at every stage, once baseline results have been established


Remarketing Ads

• Ads that utilize the #OneSockAhead message and branding

Email Marketing Campaign

• All new content launches are pushed out with an email to consumers



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