Joseph Albert Mokoena A Biography By:Joseph

early life

Joseph Albert Mokoena was born on November 25th, 1919 in Johannesburg,South,Africa.Joseph did not come from a wealthy family and he was very shy.He was brilliant in math at a young age and set many scholatic records at St.Peter's Seondary School.


1.In 1950 Joseph was awarded in mathematics research fellowship from Brown University in the USA.He worked with colleagues from canadas Mc.Gill University.

2.Joseph was awarded the Order of Ikhamanga in the gold class for exceptional contribution to the field of mathematics and dedication.

3.In 1941 he graduated from Fort Hare University with distinction in math and physics.

4.He taught at universities in Ghana, Nigeria, England, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and Zambia

5.From 1945 to 1957 he was a lecturer at Fort Hare University

6.He Completed a BSc Honours at Wits University, a first-class MSc with distinction at the University of South Africa,and a PhD in math, also through Wits University.


1.He had humble beginnings

2.He was very shy

3.There was not alot of opportunities and freedom to be educated and have a better life

Greatest goal

To help Africa through an appreciation of math.

By lecturing at various universities throughout Africa to support the liberation movements in recently liberated African countries

Interesting facts

1.Awarded the Order of Ikhamanga in gold class after he died for his contributions in math

2.Elected to the national executive of the Youth League in September 1944 when he was a student in Johannesburg

3.In December 1949 he was elected to the national executive of the African National Congress(ANC)

4.Considered one of Africa's greatest mathematicians


1.Joseph never married anyone and never had any children

2.Sadly he died at the age of 49 from injuries from a car accident in Lusaka,Zambia

3.He was most remembered for brilliance and contributions in math


  1. When was and where was Joseph born?
  2. Where and how did Joseph die?
  3. What was his greatest goal?


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