Invertase By: Erin Weightman

What is an enzyme and how is it created?

An enzyme is a substance produced by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about specific biochemical reaction. Enzymes are proteins, and they are made up of long chains of different amino acids.

Invertase is naturally created by bees. They hydrolyze the sugars and turn it into raw nectar. Honeybees are able to make massive volumes of enzymes because they break connection between fructose and glucose easily. Therefore invertase is found in honey.

What amino acids are used in its creation?

This a partial amino acid sequence of invertase. Each amino acid is abbreviated by one letter below the amino acid codons.

What are the enzyme's substrates?


What is the enzyme's function?

Invertase breaks down sucrose into glucose and fructose. They speed up the rate of almost all chemical reactions that take place in all cells. Enzymes also lower the activation energy required for the chemical reaction to take place.

How is it used?

Invertase is derived from yeast. It is also found pollen. It plays a key role in digestion. It also helps in the prevention of disease in humans. It is also known to slow down the anti-aging progression. It is also used in commercial baking and candy making because it keeps them moist for a long period of time

How does the enzyme activation work?

Enzymes have a specific active site for a specific substrate. When the enzyme and substrate meet, activation energy occurs. When they react, the activation energy is lower in the reaction than between the reactants without a catalyst.

This shows how an enzyme binds to the substrate and what an activation site is.

How can enzymes be controlled?

The cell uses specific molecules to control enzymes in order to encourage the action or block the action of the enzyme. The molecules that increase the enzyme activity are called activators. The molecules that decrease enzyme activity are called inhibitors.

Here is a video on invertase and how it is used in industry:

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