Saint. Christopher By: Mark Mirabelli

Birth- unknown

Death - 251 AD, he was martyred for his faith after evangelizing in Lycia, he was arrested and beheaded.

Patronage - Saint Christopher is considered the patron Saint of: transportation, bachelors, travelers, storms, gardeners, epilepsy, toothache, and holy death.

Saint Christopher carrying Jesus

Feast Day- July 25

Interesting Facts - 1. He looked to serve the highest power and he served kings and the devil before finding the true highest power by serving Christ. 2. He wanted to serve God so he helped people across a raging river since he was 7.5 feet tall. 3. One day he brought a young child across the river and while walking the child got heavier and heavier when they got to the other side he asked why the child was so heavy and the child told him he was Jesus and he was carrying the weight of the world. 4. After this miracle he evangelized and converted many people he was eventually captured and they tried to get him to give up God even by offering him two women the next day those two women were converted to Christianity and Saint Christopher was beheaded.

Prayer- Saint. Christopher I pray that you look out for my friends and me over spring break and in our travels including cars, planes, and boats, I pray that storms don't hit Florida this spring break. We ask this through Christ our Lord Amen.

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