Attacks in Syria William Truong

The bombing in Syria on Tuesday is the worst chemical attack and Western leaders blame it on Assad.dozen of people, including children died, 69 to be precise and the dead are still being identified. The American agency concluded that the Assad gov did like how they did 4 years ago. The Russian offered another explanation, saying that Syrian warplane had struck an insurgent store house containing toxic substances. Multiple photos and videos showing people struggling to breath or lying motionless, a few hours later, another air strike hit one of the clinics treating victims, which was sent from bigger hospital that has been bombed 2 days ago,

The UNSC was divided over who to blame for the Syrian war. On Tuesday night, Britain, France and the US were pushing UnSC to adopt a resolution, which is a negotiation. While Trump blame on Obama's failure of of Syria crisis, the chemical weapons dilemma contradicts his position in Syria. Trump would also intervene militarily if Assad used the chemical weapon

While the Russian insisted that it had no military role in the crisis. Witness said the bomb got on a 1 story building and exploded like a mushroom cloud with eye stinging fog. A major international meeting happened, they are debating whether EU or other countries will contribute for reconstructing Syria

After the US bombed a Syrian air base to send a message to the Assad regime, it got hit again by missiles from unknown source while the Russian government sending missiles to West Syria in order to show force in response to the US's action. 20 planes got destroyed, however , the Syrian air force has already resumed flight operations there. The us's ambassador told the UN that the Us is ready to do more. The strike killed at least 1 women and 3 were injured. The US's official said that the strike by the US wasn't meant to destroy the base, but to send the message that using chemical weapons won't be tolerated.

Russia is giving Syria more support and helping it more in air defense. On Saturday, an air strike suspected to be launched from a Russian plane hit northwestern region of Syria, killed 15 civilians, including children.

Trump tweeted and praised the military after the air strike ordered by him. Trump believes that Assad should relinquish power and promise not to use chemical weapons. The g7 meeting on Monday aim to build international support to ceasefire. The US also looking for evidence that the Russian government knew about the Tuesday's attack, they are examining if the Russian bombed the site to destroy the evidence.

The US made a prelim conclusion that the Russian government knew in advance of the attack, but there is no proof of Moscow's involvement. A surveillance drone operated by Russian was flying over the hospital where victims were rushing to get treatment , which is not a coincidence. After it left, Russian ordered jet to bomb the hospital to cover up. They caution that no final American determination that Russia knew ahead of times. Even though Russian supports Syria and they've coordinated military attack together.

Washington is still not sure that Russian or Syrian controlled the drone, or that they actually bombed the civilians. The us is focusing its military action in Syria on defeating the IS group, they also taken extra defense in case of attack against cruise missile attack.

The chemical acttack in Syria was caused by Bashar Al Assad on his own people. We are still not sure whether Russia is related in this problem. With the law about war, chemical weapons have been banned for quite a time so using chemical weapon is illegal, not to mention that Assad used it on his own people. With that happening, the US react by sending airstrike to show power and threatening the use of chemical weapon. However, with this intensity happening in Syria and almost a proxy war between the US and Russia, this can lead to a World War lll.

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