Egyptian pharaohs Nathan Smith

There are five different pharaohs. There is Hatshepsut, Akhenaton, Ramses III, Thutmose III, and Tutankhamun. All these pharaohs stand above the rest.

This is Hatshepsut

The first pharaoh is Hatshepsut. She was born as a princess and grew up to be a pharaoh after her husband Thutmose II. She was mostly known for the most powerful woman pharaoh. She was born 1508 BC and she died 1458 BC. Her temple that is still standing is Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut and it was found at Deir el Bahari. She was mostly into trading. She does not have any failures.

This is Akhenaton

The second pharaoh is Akhenaton. He was born a prince and then began as a king after his father Amenhotep III. He was mostly known for changing the religion of Ancient Egypt and building the city of Amarna. He was born 1380 BC and died in 1336 BC. His temple still standing is the great temple of aten and it is located in the city of el-Amarna. His failure is that he lost a part of Egypt.

This is Ramses II

The third pharaoh is Ramses II. He was born as a prince and became a pharaoh. He was mostly known for the greatest pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. He was born 1303 BC and died 1213 BC.

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