@Sorinex Social Performance APRIL 2017

Areas of Focus

  • SSX Promotion - Speaker Spotlight graphics, Video Series
  • Facebook - brought life to the page through event creation and consistent, personalized postings
  • Facility Updates - continue AM features, include a nod to the past with #tbt entries
Row effect of SSX banner present on Instagram throughout Speaker Spotlight Series // Consistent posting of Sorinex events initiated on Facebook Account
SSX Video Series: Greyscale testimonials posted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings leading up to May 18. Those interviewed include word from Rudy Reyes, Pops, Bert Sorin, Phil Provence


((April 23, 2017)) 68 Tweets I 94.5 K Impressions I 5237 Profile Visits I 66 Mentions I 80 New Followers

Followers: 22K

Posts: 55

up 25 from March 2017

Engagement: 16K

up 5.7K from March 2017

Top Performer - Instagram - RECORD engagement observed on this post.

1,757 likes, 18 Comments

Repurposing video content which showcased CMBs being used in a Strongman competition in Austin received the most video views and comments in the month of April on IG.

From the Facebook Inbox to the Shop - the account was asked how much weight our bench could hold and the shop answered that question for everyone.

The customer service interaction resulted in great social exposure...and a sale!

Produce once, publish everywhere.

Adopting this philosophy has brought high engagement across platforms.

Looking Ahead - May

SummerStrongX (May 19 - 21)

  • Vendor promo leading up to event -
  • Event Coverage - all aspects of SSX must be portrayed through social. Tell the whole story.
  • Speaker Coverage - determine plan to share speaker segments via social media
  • Live Coverage - identify live coverage options for SSX (Bert / Pops opening address? Speaker highlight? Casual walk through SSX from vendor to lifting?) AND what platforms will broadcast

CSCCA (May 9-12)

  • Capture booth set-up
  • Coverage of squat competitions at booth

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