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Sometimes I start my day by swimming with a friend. We usually text the night before to confirm. I have a very cool watch that actually counts my laps and I have it set to auto upload to my Garmin account. I like to keep track of my workouts and analyze my stats.

How do you start your day?

When I get home, I make coffee. I've heard you can order coffees from an app and pick it up in the store, hot and ready to go. I like lattes, but for today, home brew is good enough.

Next, I check my email – calendar too. I always make sure that I keep my calendar up-to-date so my co-workers know how best to reach me. Looks like I might have to take a trip soon to meet with a client.

What does your inbox look like today?

Some days, I tune into Pandora to listen to music while I work. I often 'like' my favorite songs and read about the artists.

What's your favorite streaming music app?

When I work for certain clients, I have to use VPN to access the files I need. I always have to sign an electronic NDA before they set me up. I've used many different ways to connect to secure networks.

What kind of digital security does your company use?

Sometimes I have to go into the office or to a client site. It's important to me to be on-time, so I use Waze for navigation. I like how it chooses the best route and how other 'Wazers' provide real-time input. I have several other map/navigation apps too.

When I have to pay for parking, I don't mind, because I can do it right on my phone. My app even emails me a receipt, making it easy to expense, and it also alerts me when my meter is about to expire. Boy, I sure don't want a parking ticket.

What's your favorite nav app?

I really like cloud storage. I have accounts with many of the bigger players. I store all of my work files in the cloud. It really helps me facilitate reviews with my clients and co-workers.

Do you use cloud storage? Which one is your favorite?

Cloud storage providers have gotten really good lately. I love how you can edit files in their native format, right from the browser window.

What is your favorite feature of cloud storage? The availability on multiple devices? or security?

Yesterday, I was working with a client and their inbox was full. But it was OK. I was able to send them a link to the file via my text app on my computer.

How do you make things easier for your clients?

During my lunch hour, I check my training app to see what what workout my coach has in store for me today. I just got a text notification from Strava, a fitness app. Looks like my husband is headed out on a ride. I like this safety feature, I can track his location in real-time. I can also follow friends, comment on their workouts and give them 'kudos'.

Do you have any fitness apps? I've read online news and blog articles about how it's a booming business.

Of course, no day is complete without searching for... something!

How long does it take you to find what you are looking for?

I like to learn new things. My first stop is usually online tutorials. You can find videos on just about anything from fixing your laptop to mastering that great new application.

Where do you go to learn new things?

We have a live cam in our guest bedroom. I use it to spy on our cats during the day. People ask if it's a security thing. I say "no it's just a cat thing".

Do you know how much cats SLEEP?!

This afternoon, I'm reviewing some documents. My client has made comments in Adobe Acrobat. I find that very easy. I think it saves time.

What's your favorite time saving trick?

It's getting close to the end of my workday. I just completed my expense report by uploading my last receipt. In the elevator on the way down, I check the calendar on my phone, I see it's my brother's birthday tomorrow. I set a reminder to call him.

How do you keep track of your work and family events?

After dinner, sometimes I'll read something on my iPad. If we watch any TV usually it's a show from Netflix. I like to use IMDb to read the reviews first.

Do you have a digital device, other than your smart phone?

I use Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with my friends. To save time, I linked my social media apps so my photos show up in multiple places with a single upload.

How do you use social media?

It's been a long day, I'm ready for some rest. I set my alarm, but I suppress all other alerts. There will be plenty of time to connect again tomorrow.

What does a day in your life look like?

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