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Sylvia was born October 27, 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Aurelia and Otto Plath. In just a few years as a child Plath, made poems to put in magazines and newspapers around her. She was just 8 years old when she made her own poem and was published in a children's section. At just 11 years old, she started keeping a journal and started painting things, even that young she was already going to be really successful in life. A week after her 8th birthday Sylvia's father passed away, because of untreated diabetes. After her father dying she experienced a loss in her faith, she felt that her father really betrayed her by dying. She created really vivid poems after her father died, such as "Daddy". When they were forced to move she became a gifted student, and had won many awards for her poems and paintings. During her undergraduate years in college she began to have severe depression. At just the age of 19 she tried to committed suicide by swallowing pills and failed, but was later taken to the hospital for help. After trying to commit suicide their was a novel published called "The Bell Jar" about her breakdowns and all her struggles. Later on in life she met a guy named Ted Hughes, who later got married in 1956. In 1962 she had a car accident which was one of her many ways at attempt of suicide, after she found out her husband was having an affair, which they later on got separated. She was prescribed medicine by a doctor, because she was left with two kids to handle on her own. He hired a live in doctor to stay with them and take care of the kids until her medicine started working. But when she got to the house she couldn't get in, with some help they finally got in to see that Plath had killed her self. She placed her head in the oven with that gases that later killed her. She sealed all the doors so none of it would harm her children that were there with her, she was just 30 years old when she killed herself February, 11 1963. Plath wrote a lot of her poems a lot about what she went through. She made poems about her dad when he passed away. She also wrote one about when her children were born and her miscarriage she had. There were novels written about her and how she has tried to commit suicide. Many of her poems in "Ariel" were just in the last few months of her life. Vivid poems about anger, fear, loneliness. In her poem "Daddy" she compared her dad being one of the members in Nazi. All her poems were life experiences and how she felt about things, death and how she tried committing suicide. Some of her poems became well known, even with how vivid you could image what she was talking about. She experienced many things during her life that made her really ill, creating all these poems and novels she has. Her life really impacted all of her poems, if you haven't yet you should really go and read one.

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