Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam By Remy


2013 | Comedy

“Nothing is private anyway, we're posting on walls. -- So what's the big deal if the government is saving your calls? -- We share our info with companies, this debate should be chilled. -- Everybody come quick! -- A straw man has been killed!"


  • Remy was born in DC to Iraqi and Lebanese parents, and grew up in Virginia.
  • He garnered attention with youtube videos of his alter ego Iraqi comic Habib Abdul Habib.
  • Remy's 2011 video "Raise the Debt Ceiling" had over 520,000 hits on YouTube. He was interviewed on several national news programs about the content of the song as well as his views about the debt ceiling.
  • Since 2010, Munasifi has partnered with Reason TV and the Reason Foundation to create libertarian parody videos.
  • Find out more about Remy here.


Luke Tatum

Privacy. What a joke. Remy, who deserves far more fame than he has yet achieved for his incredible music. My favorite bit? "It's not like we're planting devices in homes. By the way, did everyone get their free Obamaphone?" This is the kind of thing that makes me so impressed by songs like "Electric Eye" by Judas Priest--songs that saw this coming 30 years ago. Anyway, get a good laugh today. This is one of my favorite Remy tracks.

Sherry Voluntary

Once again Remy knocks it out of the park with this parody of the NSA. This wicked organization is fundamentally built on the idea that the government has a right to gather intelligence on anyone they want to. Over the years, what was more targeted to individuals, has become a broad and sweeping data collection service, collecting everything from dick pics to family conversations in an effort to keep tabs on anyone and everyone just in case they ever need it. Doesn’t seem very American if you ask me.

Nicky P

Vintage Remy. The production on these Reason videos has come a long way. What hasn't come a long way is getting the general public to care about what we once would have considered an egregious over-reach of power. The manner in which this undermines the fourth amendment is unconscionable and yet it's difficult to get Americans to raise an eyebrow over. I recommend looking into the Tenth Amendment Center who are trying to undermine federal overreaches like this through creative means like getting localities to shut off utilities that allow their facilities to operate.

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Nicky P