Rugby: An Element of Popular Culture By; remi L & james d

i.) Rugby began in 1823 when William Webb Ellis was playing a game of football (soccer) , and he picked up the ball and ran with it.

William Webb Ellis
New Zealand rugby champions, the All Blacks.

The New Zealand All Blacks are widely considered the greatest rugby team in the world. They have won 3 of the 8 World Rugby cups, the most ever by one team. They also have a 77% winning record, and are the only team in history to have a winning record against every single country in the world.

ii.)Rugby spread through relocation diffusion, as it’s hearth is at Rugby College, England, and people brought it to most countries in the 1800’s.


This map shows the countries that play rugby in the world.

iii.) Rugby is mainly distributed to pre-english colonies and the United Kingdom, like Australia and Ireland.

iiii) The olympics(The first games were held in Athens in 1896 but did not include Rugby. Rugby was added to the Olympic program for the second Olympiad and featured in the games held at Paris in 1900, London in 1908, Antwerp in 1920, and Paris again in 1924. Shortly after the Paris Games, the IOC cancelled rugby as an Olympic sport - even though rugby sold more tickets than the track and field events celebrated in the movie about the 1924 Olympics, "Chariots of Fire.") This shows that in 1900 rugby was recognized as a world wide sport supporting diffusion into other countries through the olympics events.

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