Blowback By Zama Rripa

American Soul

2018 | Folk

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"We pay for it twice, that’s how the story goes. -- Once with our taxes, two times with our souls."


  • The song's genesis starts with a conversation Zama had over Henry David Thoreau's jailing for dodging a poll tax.
  • It gets into the weeds on how any ground that can be gained will likely be due to disruption in the economic mechanics of funding.
  • I think the road to more peace and prosperity must run through economic freedom and individual liberty. I believe economics and history proves such. Again, these are the ideas and ideals the US was founded on. - Zama


Luke Tatum

A long, brutal, and heartbreaking list of the sins of the United States government, and the effects thereof. Smart use of percussion to mimic gunfire bursts. Here's the best part, though--this song doesn't just call out the United States. It asks questions, and if you're being honest, you know the answer to them all. It's impossible to listen without the crushing disregard of morality bringing you down. It's powerful, and it's worth revisiting frequently. Another one you'll want to watch the music video for!

Sherry Voluntary

This Dillonesque song has fantastic music and woke lyrics. Blowback is a real issue, that many people just want to pretend doesn’t exist. The U.S. keeps invading and undermining wherever it pleases, and when something bad happens in response or retaliation to it, the folks back home excuse it as “them” “hating us for our freedoms.” Really? I think they hate “us” because we bomb schools, and weddings, and hospitals. Maybe they hate us because we undermine their governments, elections and their way of life to serve the purposes of the U.S. Perhaps because we train and fund those who terrorize them. Clearly “they” have no reasons other than our freedoms to hate us. One thing is for certain and without a doubt you can ignore the sewing, but you can never ignore the reaping.

Nicky P

Zama gets a little wordy for my tastes musically but that's because if you've ever held a conversation with him he's trying to cram ten books and thirty website's worth of material into a pop song. This particular song I enjoy because it connects the war directly to our economy. We fund the war machine directly. He does well to hand us the life preserver of knowing that we are forced into compliance but firmly pushes that it will continue until we can keep our money from being used to this end. Knowing that my money is going to kill little brown kids I'v never met and leave other children fatherless, while ensuring that my daughters generation will have a replenishable is quite enfuriating. Murder on my dime is no bueno.

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Nicky P

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