Merry Christmas From Le Roy..

Dear parents,

I can hardly believe that I am sat writing our CHRISTMAS newsletter. It seems only yesterday that the girls were sat in the common room on their first night in Le Roy, shy and unfamiliar; now, they are all bright, smiley, confident and comfortable.

I suppose the reason for this is that so much has been packed into the term and as a result, the girls are now fully immersed into life at St Swithun’s.

I will leave it to the girls to share how they have enjoyed their first term later on. In the meantime, Miss P and I have compiled a list of our top 10 moments so far this term.

1. Independence- From sorting their laundry into lights and darks, changing their bed sheets, organising their homework, loading the dishwasher, the list is endless. They really are blossoming into independent young women who are beginning to take complete responsibility for their actions and selves.

2. The Advent Service- what a beautiful service. The first for our Le Roy girls in the cathedral, and they read, sang and lit the candles beautifully.

3. Baking- We are never without freshly made cakes, scones and interesting new delights that the girls make in food tech and the after school bake- off club. Not forgetting Miss P’s weekly contribution to our starving stomachs.

4. Friendships- We have had the privilege of watching the girls’ friendships develop over the course of the term. The beauty of this group of girls is that they genuinely all care for one another and enjoy each other’s company. Of course, there are fallouts, but the speed at which they make friends again demonstrates the strength of their bond.

Hot chocolate with the 6th form

5. Kindness- The ‘Kindness Tree’ is in full boom- each of the leaves demonstrating how the girls regularly display kindness to one another, beyond expectation.

6. House Song- the girls put in an exceptional amount of effort from October. This is the first year that Lower 4 have been officially part of the competition, and the girls did themselves, and us, proud.

House song

7. Sport- the house buzzes nightly with the discussion of netball, lacrosse, diving, golf, archery, ballet, dance, swimming, fencing, cheerleading, football etc. They have all thrown themselves into the opportunities available to them at St Swithun’s and a large number of them have found a new talent or developed a new passion as a result.


8. Music- we all enjoyed the recent Christmas Concert in which over half the house took part, and the rest sat back and enjoyed the spectacular performances on show. All of the girls should be commended for taking part in such a high profile event at school.

Christmas Concert- Phoenix Choir

9. Activities- The girls take part in an abundance of activities, both in and out of house. They have been encouraged to take part in at least 3 clubs each this term, with some taking part in as many as 8! It is great to see the girls all trying something new and out of their comfort zone. In house, we have enjoyed colouring club, Christmas card making, gingerbread houses, Le Roy’s Got Talent, baking, Hot Chocolate chats, Dodgeball, in house games, the list is endless.

Break-up supper

10. Individual achievements- Each of our girls have their own individual talents and contribute so much to our house. Here are a selection of our top few below:

Trip to Natural History museum

• Ayomide took part in the school prayer reading competition.

Ayomide Prayer Reading Competition

• 4 of our girls are taking part in the school production of Oliver. Sophia is playing the lead role.

• Sophia took part in The Nutcracker at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

• Ana has won both the L4 house art competition and the lower school photography competition- find her beautiful picture below.

Ana's Photography

• Sophie & Ayomide have had great cross-country success, coming 2nd in Hampshire schools

Gingerbread houses

• We have had multiple ‘players of the match’ across a number of sports including, Jenny, Jojo, Phoebe, Natalie, Ama, Sophie, Lottie, Ayomide, Kirstie and Mia.

• Harriet is reading in the school Carol service. As well as a number of girls reading and taking part in the school Advent service

As we start to think about January, please find some key dates for your diaries.

Monday 2nd January- boarders return from 6:00pm

Sunday 12th February- Evensong at Winchester Cathedral

Friday 17th February- half term begins

Sunday 26th February- boarders return from 6:00pm

What the girls say...
What the girls say...
What the girls say...

Over the holidays, please would you ensure that all items of the girls clothing are clearly labelled with their names. You’d be surprised at how many lonely socks we have floating round the house.

Also, whilst we love knowing that the girls can all have regular conversations with home, please, where possible, obviously we are aware of time constraints, would you try to limit the contact time to the half an hour in the evening (7:30-8:00.) This is to ensure that the girls are not spending too much time on their phones during the school day and have time to focus on their schoolwork and friendships.

As the season of Christmas draws near and the girl’s excitement increases, Jo and I would like to extend our best wishes to you and your families for a very Merry Christmas. I would also like to once again thank you all for your continued kindness and support as we work together to ensure that your girls are happy, safe and thriving at school.

With very best wishes,


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