Caleb Thompson Digital Citizenship

The Golden Rule is: Don't gossip about others, if you wouldn't want others gossiping about you.

Don't brag: Don't try to make people jealous by showing off your fancy cars or shoes.

Avoid TMI: Avoid to much information.
Think about the Reader: Don't share to much about your life.
Keep relationship details to yourself: Don't post every detail of your relationship.
Don't be cryptic: Don't try to get all the attention.
Quit complaining: Don't be so mad about the weather or other bad stuff.
Curate your photos: Don't post any thing bad.
Change your settings: Put your page to private because bad people might want to see it.
Post smart: Post good things.


Created with images by arnold | inuyaki - "Michael Jordan Statue" • image4you - "euro coins currency" • seier+seier - "arne jacobsen, alléhusene housing, gentofte 1949-1953" • rgallant_photography - "Flowers" • jingoba - "lamborghini brno racing car" • Ladycliff - "Florida - Disney World - 31 July 1983" • l_dean_m - "CP3 Jumper" • JKD Atlanta - "driftwood tree cp3" • dormouse129 - "IMG_6513" • SunCon Photos - "DSC05424" • dormouse129 - "IMG_6414"

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