6 weeks gone! How? The tale of the term - ipad tastic...

Spot the common theme! Teams and Seesaw have been going a pace this term, and the children have been great. As have parents! We have also been trialing a new platform - Nearpod. The children have given it a thumbs up! We are trying not to forget what a pencil looks like though. Honest!
In no particular order... we finished our class reader, read another story about a valley in America that was flooded to provide water for Boston and then end of term-it is struck and the Rabbit and Bears came out! We will read number 4 after half term😬.
Spanish was looking at animals. Participation at home was again fab.
Some PE was inside, some was out. Wherever it was, those at home gave it some welly!
Breakout rooms were reasonably successful as we worked on our ideas to ensue any dam build would be came after the story in the news this week of a dam in India and two hydroelectric stations that were wiped out by a glacier! Not a problem we expect with ours but still...
The Questing Beast!

The usual maths and English went on; division, word problems, drawing angles and a mini assessment using the wonders of diagnostic questions in maths and the joy, yes joy, of a writing assessment in the form of another adventure from Culhwch and the Questing Beast!

All the year 4s were sent home with a pack and some ideas! The kilo of clay is still my favourite and I can’t wait to see what is created. Hopefully the Celtic people and house with a few extras for good measure!