Hockney: A Retrospective of Reflection Georgia brough

Portrait of Nick Wilder, 1966 acrylic on canvas, 72x72 in.

i have chosen ' Portrait of Nick Wilder', 1966, as it would be a valuable contribution towards my exhibition because it is one of Hockney's mid peices of work, this painting shows a man sitting in a pool. In this painting you see a man sitting in a pool being relaxed by the calming water. to create this painting Hockney used acrylic on canvas which makes it have a bold and distinct look. the colours are simple which makes it easier on the eye and then the viewer is more prone to look as its simplicity makes it unique. Automatically my eye gets drawn to the man sitting in the middle of the pool with the man and the pool being the main focal points it gives the viewer a more relaxed feel. 'Portrait of Nick Wilder', 1966 is an important part of this exhibition as it shows Hockney's love for swimming pools.

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures), 1972 acrylic on canvas, 84x120 in

Ive chosen 'portrait of an artist(pool with two figures)', 1972, to be in the exhibition of 'Hockney: a retrospective of reflection' as its an exquisite piece of his work with swimming pools. In this image you see a manlike figure submerged in the water, a man is what seems to be looking down on the submerged figure. Hockney used acylic on canvas to create this painting. In this he has used bright and soothing colours, these colours capture the eye straight away as its the first thing you see when you look around a room. Automatically my eye is drawn to the figure in the water as that is the most vibrant part of the picture and gives a strong visual element. the piece 'portrait of an artist (pool with two figures), 1972 is a great piece for this exhibition.

Rubber Ring Floating In a Swimming Pool, 1971 acrylic on canvas, 36x48 in.

The image ' rubber ring floating in a swimming pool'1971 is going to be apart of this exhibition as its a simple yet unique piece of Hockney's work. In this image you see a red ring in what seems to be in the bottom of a pool. Hockney used acrylic on canvas to create this image, the colours are of a darker shade and the red ring is bright and the first thing that catches your eye. This image is a gentle reminder of what it was like when you were a kid which makes it have a happy and excitable feel and it also makes you feel more welcomed to look at it.The painting ' rubber ring floating in a swimming pool' 1971 belongs in the exhibition.

Three-Panel Diving Board, 1978 colored and pressed paper pulp, 51x96 in.

The piece ' three-panel diving board', 1978 as it is one of Hockney's photo joiners. in this image you see three different paintings together and put as a photo joiners but you see a diving board with the reflection of the board coming off the nice blue water. He used coloured and pressed paper pulp which makes it have a very bold and he used very basic colours to portray this look. This image leaves you with cool feeling and leaves you feeling quite relaxed. This image reminds me of a nice summers day hanging out by the pool with my friends. the a photo joiner 'three panel diving board' 1978 is an excellent contribution to this exhibition as it has exquisite techniques.

Peter Getting Out of Nick's Pool, 1966 acrylic on canvas, 84x84 in.

The painting ' Peter getting out of nicks pool' 1966 is similar to one of Hockneys painitngs but it is also very different and thats why it will be in the exhibition. Hockney has used acrylic on canvas to create this painting he has used dull but bold colours and they are colours that work well togethetr, in this image you see a man slowly lifting himself out of the pool, he still looks very relaxed after what seems to have been a nice dip in the pool. Hockney has used white swirly lines create the waters natural form. The water has been made quite vibrant to attract the viewers eye causing the main focal point

Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool, 1964 acrylic on canvas, 36x48 in.

the painting 'picture of a hollywood swimming pool', 1964 is going to be in this exhibition as it has great use of techniques. hockney has used acrylic on canvas and created lots of different swirled lines to create a water like form, the colours are quite plain its mainly been blue used to create the cool and relaxed feel. my eye first focuses the pool then moves onto the pot plant. a pop of green has been used to break up and create a contrast between all the blue shades. This painting belongs in the exhibition as it is a main contributor.

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