What I'm interested in is working on ways of living, at different scales, investigating about what people needs to live harmonically in a complex world.

Family Business, 1995

A little community, through three different family stories.

Mr Recycle. Father is a Great Master and he shares the secrets of how to create wonderful toys and small furniture with his seventeen-year-old son. He teaches him how to use recycled material and how to avoid waste. His son is an information technology expert who designs special programmes for ecological production, which he later sells to various producers.

Mr Recycle

In Josie’s studio flat. Here Josie has everything she needs to live and work comfortably. She likes being alone and she’s always surrounded by her friends, Mister robot, a dog, a bird and a giant video for communicating.

In Josie's studio flat

In Grandmother's restaurant. Grandmother Anna cooks, teaches, and looks after the children while Grandfather Giuseppe grows and supplies food for the family. The children go to the nursery school when their parents are at work. At lunch everyone comes to the restaurant. The meals are always genuine with fresh food thanks to the vegetables from Grandfather’s kitchen garden.

In Grandmother's restaurant

New Stories New Design, 2002

The project was presented for the first time during the 2002 Salone del Mobile in Milan. This represents the beginning of the Service Design studies.

New Stories New Design Manifesto

Six different hypothetical projects were developed that relate to new networks in public spaces, that together established a kind of “manifesto” on the possibilities of the use of design tools to interpret the potential of social relations within the city, keeping in mind the goal of building alternative and innovative microeconomies.


Recreation. The time of your life

Recreation is a place to blow off the steam and stress accumulated throughout the day, with play and physical exercise. Games, workouts, experiences, surprises, relaxation.

Cook Room

Cook Room. The opportunity to express different tastes and cultures

Exploring the world of cooking as a place of interaction, encounter and skill: Cook Room is a space where people of different tastes and cultures, who know how to cook, can take charge of the kitchen. Those who understand the art of cuisine can teach it to others. Everyone can enjoy a meal or purchase a prepared dish.

1.Vuccumprà , 2.Recreation , 3.Cook room , 4.Dinner at my place , 5.Pixel hotel , 6.Baby hotel

10th Biennale of Architecture in Venice, 2006

Art direction of the exhibition

The exhibition created a virtual walk between social changes and micro-macro innovative urban planning solutions in sixteen metropolis

10th Biennale of Architecture in Venice

Citizen City, 2003

A research project that investigated how to improve relations between people and the context in which they live

“What is the city but the people?”

William Shakespeare

Microrealities, 2004

Presented at 9th Biennale of Architecture in Venice, a project about places and people

Book cover

People's actions determine the identity of a space

Shanghai: 100 new subway stations.

An opportunity to produce identity and a sense of belonging on the outskirts of the city

Shanghai: 100 new subway stations

Multitudes are moved from the old central neighborhoods, which are demolished, into large buildings in remote peripheral zones.

Shanghai: 100 new subway stations
Shopping Center + Public Spaces

The idea is that many small situations, when combined, can generate larger, more significant stories.

Shopping Center + Public Spaces ... The possibility of creating new urban centers

The idea is to make use of the shopping center for other functions and facilities that are a part of public life: plazas, porticos, residences, schools, gardens, post offices, cafes, flea markets, shops, music, cinema…

Shopping Center + Public Spaces
Shopping Center + Public Spaces
The Vegetable Garden City

The Vegetable Garden City. Living the seasons

To leave the cities on Friday evening by car, bicycle or subway, and find yourself in a new reality.

A reality where time is paced by the rhythms of nature.

The Vegetable Garden City

To closely experience the seasons and their cycles. To learn how to grow the products of the earth.

The Vegetable Garden City
The Gates of the City

The Gates of the City. New symbols for new borders

Milan: the expressway and a subway line that intersects it. A symbolic place with incredible potential for relations and exchanges.

The Gates of the City

A multiplicity of services and opportunities for recreation in a strategic, easily accessed location.

Rethinking Happiness, 2010

Presented at Biennale of Architecture in Venice 2010, the project represents the evolution of “Microrealities”. Again the project presents four stories about different communities, located in existing places.

Book cover

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. New realities for changing lifestyle

New communities, new polarities. How a small center becomes a large center.

An international corporation moves its headquarters designing a new company town.

New communities, new polarities

In an abandoned area in the town center, a new neighborhood is created where this alien community can find room to integrate and to become a resource for the territory.

New communities, new polarities

SUPERBAZAAR. A place to live, meet, buy, sell, swap.


On the outskirts of Milan, near the northern expressway, a new subway station intersecting with the metropolitan rail bypass.

A campus in the fields

A campus in the fields. Venice agri-techno valley

The Venetian lagoon offers amazing landscapes and incredible biodiversity.

A start-up incubator connected with new technologies decides to utilize a large agricultural property surrounded by water, as a settlement where young people can live and work.

A campus in the fields

This leads to the possibility of developing a new campus model, in a situation of nutritional and energy self-sufficiency.

A campus in the fields
Rural urbanism

Rural urbanism. The city enters the countryside, the countryside enters the city.

One hour from Shanghai, a large rural territory with an ancient agricultural tradition

Rural urbanism

It is not about invading the countryside, but about imagining a model of life in which nature becomes part of the everyday experience.

Seasons Diagram. The time of nature

Designing a new community model where the urban life and the rural environment are integrated together

Elevated Neighborhood, 2018

A vertical strategy for an informal community

A research project on tall building seen as an opportunity to create new communities. 1. Density: accommodating people 2. Functions: creating relationship 3. Verticality: integrating private & public places 4. Sky-rise community

Elevated Neighborhood
Elevated Neighborhood
Elevated Neighborhood

Techno Souq, 2015

The project has transformed an anonymous street next to La Rinascente into a joyful public resting place.

It is a joy when you build a city in a new place where people can find each other.


Elephountain, 2013

Elephountain Sketches

Danguiyuan project, 2007

An ecologically sustainable community close to Shanghai

Danguiyuan project

A place that is always beautiful

Danguiyuan project

A place to live in harmony with nature and experience the changing seasons, a better way of life in an Eco-city.

Danguiyuan project

Taste the fruits of natural and meet old friends

Danguiyuan project
Danguiyuan project

A nice place

When nature meet the everyday life

A new centrality for a new community

New communities. To create a new sense of center: a set of spaces to live in and activities to share. A meeting point for those who live there, for people from surrounding zones and those who arrive from elsewhere.

A nice place

A beautiful swimming pool, in a green setting. A reference point open to the territory.

A nice place

Urban and rural. Where the outskirts of the city meet the countryside, a unique place is generated in which a new community of workers, students and young families can enjoy ample availability of services.