Christ Church Episcopal 2018 Annual Report

"Let the whole world see and know that things which were being cast down are being raised up, and things which had grown old are being made new, and that all things are being brought to their perfection by him through whom all things were made, your Son Jesus Christ our Lord." +Book of Common Prayer

God, your son Jesus Christ promised to be with us whenever we gather together in His name. We thank you for Christ church and the love that holds us together. Make us eager to gather for worship. Inspire us to learn and grow spirtually, as individuals and as a faith community. We seek knowledge of Your will for us. We pray for the strength and courage, the wit and wisdom, and the humor and creativity to: Follow Jesus, Love People, and Change the World. Amen.

Bishop Ed with confirmands.

Baptized: Evan Brown+Grayden Buchanan+Ella Pettyjohn+Kate Pettyjohn+Annie Pettyjohn+Robert Haight+Jackson Haight+Henry Haight+Daphne Dunakey+Ferris Dunakey+Fitz Dunakey+Gabe Worthington+John Kuzminski+Brecken Kuzminski

Confirmed/Received/Reaffirmed: Jared Buchan+Kylie Buchan+Candace Carr+Megan Carr+Jenna Crabtree+Brad Deutscher+Jill Deutscher+Mike Fletcher+Kellie Erwin+Juan Galindo+Carolina Gonzalez+Jody Leimbach+McKalie Manering+Aden May+Sara May+Grace Miller+Aubrey Pettyjohn+Nick Pettyjohn+Patrick Richardson+Dot Rolston+Gus Rolston+Scott Schlofelt

Average Sunday Attendance 2009-2017

Christ Church saw strong Sunday attendance growth in 2017. 1st quarter Sunday Attendance was down 3% over the same time in 2016, but in 2016 Easter fell in the 1st quarter. 2nd and 3rd quarter growth was 23% and 16% respectively. 4th quarter growth remained strong, but only increased by 3% over 2016 due to Christmas Eve falling on a Saturday.

Treasurer's Report by JJ Morgan

2017 Financial Summary

We ended 2017 with expenses exceeding revenues by $17,211.10. In 2017 gross receipts totaled $394,481.19 against total operating expenses of $411,692.29.

Revenue The 2017 budgeted revenue exceeded gross income received by $8,718.81. The budget shortfall was a result of pledged offerings being $4,095.21 below budget and plate offerings being $2,485.60 below budget, as well as our facilities not being rented as much as projected. Although pledged income received for 2017 was below budget, pledged income in 2017 exceeded pledged income in 2016 by $16,355.33.

Expenses This year Christ Church expended $10,916.41 more than budgeted expenses. However, in 2017, Christ Church hosted the Diocesan convention, expanded its vision for growth by hiring a consultant, began story groups, repurposed the classrooms to accommodate two rapidly growing Godly Play circles and a rapidly growing nursery, continued adult formation groups, stewardship, fellowship, and outreach, among other operations throughout the year. Expenses for 2017 exceeded expenses for 2016 by $44,725.43 and represents the needs of a growing community at Christ Church.

Christ Church received giving pledges for 2018 that totaled about $315,000. With these pledges and other expected income, Christ Church was able to estimate $426,624 in operating expensed allowing Christ Church to continue its mission: Follow Jesus. Love People. Change the World.

After-school Report by Deacon Judy Gann

Christ Church volunteers continued to serve children with a parent in prison at McAuliffe Elementary School through New Hope in 2017.

New Hope is a 501c3 non-profit organization working with children who have or have had an incarcerated parent. New Hope offers after school programs, summer camps, holiday gatherings and case management for families affected by incarceration. Most of the children that New Hope serves live in poverty with a single parent, grandparent, aunt or within the foster care system. In addition to issues related to poverty, children of prisoners experience feelings of abandonment, guilt and shame just to name a few. Christ church volunteers help to alleviate some of these issues by providing some of the five promises all children need to become successful adults. These five promises are caring adults, safe places with constructive use of time, healthy development, effective education and an opportunity to help others.

Christ Church volunteers meet with the children every Tuesday afternoon that school is in session from 2:45 to 4:15. Our focus in 2017 continues to be STREAM projects. (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Math.) Each week we check in with the children during circle time, then read with them for half an hour and then present a hands-on activity that involves science experiments, math projects, building activities that relate to engineering or a technology game. On special occasions, we have holiday parties and have the children participate in art activities.

We have anywhere from 3-6 children participating on any given Tuesday, ranging from 1st through 5th grade.

Volunteers included Peggy Annan, Kathryn Melnick, Barbara Dinehart, Lana Bianchini, and Judy Gann from Christ Church and Sandra Brown from St. Dunstan’s.

In addition to the after-school program some of our volunteers help with New Hope holiday parties, New Hope summer camps and a fundraiser luncheon to help send these children to summer camp. Christ Church also adopted seventy New Hope children for Christmas giving.

Jeff Plummer and Deacon Judy present a New Hope graduate with a scholarship for college and a laptop.

We invite all who are interested in working with children to join us. You may volunteer each week, twice a month or once a month depending on your schedule.

All volunteers must fill out a New Hope application and participate in a children’s sex abuse prevention training before volunteering.

Community Garden Ministry by Andy Richardson

This year, the Christ Church Community Garden kicked off in mid-February with church families and friends, and the assistance of volunteers from the University of Tulsa. The year began with the preparation of beds of the planting of potatoes and onions.

Throughout the spring, we added a number of raised beds, bringing the total to 25 raised beds to host fruits, vegetables and herbs. In 2017, 15 church families/groups “adopted” beds for the summer and fall growing seasons. This year, we also added pear and additional peach trees.

Over the course of the year, the Christ Church Community Garden produced hundreds of pounds of vegetables and herbs, as well as cut flowers. All proceeds from the sale of produce and other items were offered for Christ Church outreach.

In the late summer, we hosted the youth group from St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church who came to plant fall vegetables, and to learn about our garden.

This year, we also added a number of annual and perennial flowering plants and received certification as an official Monarch Way Station. In late summer, various different types of butterflies and hummingbirds visited our garden.

In 2018, we will look forward to another successful year of growth, and the arrival of bees. We are excited about the prospect of having Christ Church honey. We also will attempt to successfully plant and harvest different types of berries, including strawberries and blackberries.

Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and Eucharistic Visitors by Bill Smith, Seminarian

We have a very dedicated group of Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Eucharistic Visitors to assist the Clergy at Christ Church services each week and for special occasions. Their commitment to reading God's word and serving the Chalice are commended.

We currently have a number of trained Lectors (Readers), Eucharistic Ministers (Chalice Bearers), and three Eucharistic Visitors. Individuals rotate their duties each Sunday - reading the Old and New Testament lessons, Prayers of the People, and serving the Chalice as they are scheduled. On special Sundays with multiple services such as Advent, Easter, and Christmas, our Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers also serve to assist the Clergy.

In October and November 2017 following the Rally Day signups, we had a training class for old and new Lectors, new or renewed Eucharistic Ministers and Chalice Bearers. We plan to have another training session in the spring for Eucharistic Visitors once the new Training Manual is issued by the Diocese.

A more formalized training manual was developed that has been presented to all who serve. In February 2018, we will issue local licenses to Lectors, and a recommendation letter will be sent to the Bishop for the licensing of Licensed Eucharistic Ministers. Once the training is completed for the Licensed Eucharistic Visitors, a similar letter of recommendation will be sent to the Bishop for their licensing. The Diocese is in the process of preparing a more formalized program for training and licensing to be issued to each congregation in the Diocese.

If any member of the congregation has a desire to become either a Lector or Licensed Eucharistic Minister, or Licensed Eucharistic Visitor, please contact a member of the Clergy or Bill Smith, Seminarian.

EYC: Student Ministry by Boone Williams, Student Minister

It’s been a great year for the Christ Church EYC! We have about a dozen very faithful youth who show up on a weekly basis, to listen to and lean from each other on Wednesday evenings and a smaller but dedicated group on Sunday mornings between the services. Over the past year, we represented Christ Church on numerous occasions and functions. We attended New Beginnings in February, put on a fabulous service for Youth Sunday in March, including a sermon by Jenna Crabtree at both services, Diocesan Mission Camp over spring break, confirmed 6 of our youth in May, sent most of our youth to St. Crispin’s summer camp in June, joyfully attended the ordination of our own Andrew Scott and the Episcopal Youth Event hosted by our own diocese in July, participated in several service projects for members of our congregation and benefitting New Hope, had three (!) lock-ins including one we hosted for the diocesan youth in conjunction with the diocesan convention and visited, albeit briefly, by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry! Whew!

John and Shirley Harlan host EYC for a Swim Party

Acolyte Ministry by Jeff Plummer

But the things for which I am most proud and joyful is the fact that all of our youth participate fully in the life and work of our church outside of youth group. This shows their commitment to their covenants with Christ. We also enjoyed the gracious hospitality of our church community who provided us with countless meals and unconditional love and support! For all this and more, we are grateful and thankful!

2017 was a very good year for the Acolyte Corps. We had several new people begin serving this past year, which helped take care of some of the scheduling challenges. I want to thank Wes for doing the scheduling and reminders.

In 2018, I have some ideas for training. I hope to have a training session before Lent, and another before Advent. This training will be for crucifers, torch bearers, chalice bearers, and thurifers. There will also be training for ringing the sanctus bells. The dates will be announced during services and in the weekly newsletter.

New acolyte albs will also be purchased during 2018. There are funds available for 2 or 3 albs, and funds in this year’s budget for 4 albs. The proceeds from the chili cook-off at the annual meeting are designated for 2 or 3 more albs.

Being an Acolyte is a ministry that gives a person a feeling of closeness to our Lord by becoming a small part of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Anyone can be an Acolyte. I highly recommend it.

Flower Ministry by Kathryn Melnick

Flowers and Babies? Have you ever thought of how much they have in common? They're diverse, come in different colors and for some, they smell really sweet. What a wonderful world we live in with both flowers and babies (including baby animals)!!! My ministry is flowers, and I truly enjoy sharing that with all of you. The main area most of you see is the altar flower arrangement. The configuration stays pretty much the same, in an arc formation, due to space limitations, though I am trying to think of ideas to change it up a bit for 2018. Where I do try and get more creative is in the types of flowers and colors; I really want to make that as personal as possible for whoever is offering them for that particular Sunday. Also, each newly-baptized person receives their own vase of flowers. Did you notice I include a white butterly in that arrangement? It signifies emergence from the cocoon bursting forth into Christ's family. Additionally, I do floral centerpieces and floral topiaries for any special occasion the church might have. All you have to do is ask! There is a sign-up sheet where parishioners can honor someone’s birthday, an anniversary, in memory of someone or just because. For the altar flowers, the parishioners only pay for the flowers. All of the supplies are provided by me; there is no expense to the church.

Hospitality Team Report by Lorra Plummer

Although the Hospitality Committee did not have a chairperson person in 2017, Rich and Shirley Taylor continued to do a great job shopping for supplies and goodies and they have agreed to continue for 2018.

We would like to thank Kathryn Melnick, Florine Widdows, Sara May, and Margaret Young-Jackson for their time that they served on the committee. And we welcome, Katie Messer, Beth Rosser, Susan Cox, Peggy Annan, Katie Hamilton, Anita Chancey, and Trish May.

We also want to thank those that are continuing on the committee, Karen Pierce, Susan Morgan, Katie Friesenhahn, Aubrey Pettijohn, Krissy White, Kim Rolston, Kim Buchanan, Rich Taylor, Shirley Taylor, Jeff Plummer and Margo Powell.

We are divided into 5 teams and serve on a rotating schedule with Anita and Margo being alternates and helping with special events. If you would like more information regarding this ministry or would like to be placed on a team, please contact Lorra Plummer at lorrap123@yahoo.com

Story Groups Ministry by Lynn Woodward

What are Christ Church Story Groups? Story Groups are designed for relationship building and spiritual development. Groups spend time with the story of God’s people, the story of Jesus, the story of life….the story of us. We build our understanding and appreciation for God’s love for us in a safe and supportive community in each Story Groups.

The Story Group ministry was launched this year in January. The Spring term had four groups with 30 participants, and the Fall term finished with three groups and almost 40 participants. During the summer a decision was made and implemented to offer a simple meal for minimal cost before the Wednesday group meetings. Having a meal and childcare available has contributed to the growth of these groups.

The number of Story Group participants is now almost a third of the active adult members of Christ Church. This is enough to effect a change in our church culture. A goal is to have membership in a Christ Church Story Group be a norm for members of the church. Promotion events will continue before each term. Story Groups will be presented at future Newcomer Dinners.

During the Fall term we attempted to launch a 4th group with just co-leaders identified. This group eventually folded into a Wednesday evening group because of size. Future groups will be formed as needed using the church planting model; that is, with leaders and participants from established groups or known demographic need.

Christ Church Story Groups were also represented with a table at the Diocesan Convention Ministry Fair. Twenty people representing the Diocesan office and various congregations requested additional information.

  • Material used by the groups to guide their discussions this year were: “Forward Day-By-Day”, a daily meditation guide published by Forward Movement + “The Path: A Journey Through the Bible”, edited by Melody Wilson Shobe, published by Forward Movement

Some of the service projects that Story Groups did are: Donations to Emergency Infant Services of Tulsa, a non-profit organization meeting the basic human needs of infants and children 5 years and under + Preparation of mashed potatoes for holiday meal at the Equality Center +Donating candy and stuffing eggs for Christ Church Easter egg hunt + Donating wish list items and touring Lindsey House, a private, non-profit organization that provides long-term shelter and supportive services to homeless women caring for children + Donations to Child Care Resource Center of Tulsa, an organization that offers quality child care resource and referral services to families, providers, business, and the community + Prepare food and serve at “Sputacular” Story Group gathering

Some of the social activities that Story Groups enjoyed are: Backyard BBQ and holiday parties in members’ homes + Coffee & brunch in members’ homes between terms

The future of Christ Church Story Groups is very bright. The Spring 2018 term is being promoted at a Baked Potato Bar lunch – 75 people signed up to attend and learn more about Story Groups. Five Story Groups are being planned for. The Family Story Group will be dividing during discussion time because they have grown so much, effectively making a sixth group.

Christ Church Story Groups will be joining in the national program, “The Good Book Club”, a reading of the Gospel of Luke during Lent and the Acts of the Apostles during Easter. Groups will be using one of the following resources to guide their discussion: “Forward Day-By-Day”, a daily meditation guide published by Forward Movement + “A Journey with Luke”, edited by Marek Zabriskie, published by Forward Movement + “A Journey through Acts”, edited by Marek Zabriskie, published by Forward Movement

Future goals are: Identify and prepare new group leaders + Plan all-group gatherings + Establish Wednesday evening program for children too old for Nursery and too young for Youth Group

Connecting with God’s story and with each other is how we live into the mission of Christ Church – Follow Jesus – Love people – Change the world!

2017 Children’s Ministry Annual Report by Sara Plummer, Children's Ministry Director

Description: The Children’s Ministry at Christ Church aims to introduce children to God’s love and Jesus’ teachings through Bible stories, connecting those lessons to our liturgy and lectionary, offering opportunities for family interactions and incorporating church teaching in the home, and making the children a vital part of the church family.

Godly Play

2017: We expanded Godly Play during the 10:45am service into two rooms, one for prek-2nd grade and the other for 3rd through 5th grade. Several members of the Christ Church congregation were trained as new storytellers and doorkeepers.

2018: The need for storytellers and doorkeepers at both services continues and there was a training session Jan 13 for new and experienced storytellers and doorkeepers.

Children’s Formation

2017: The formation hour, or Sunday School, saw attendance growth to the point where a new table was needed in the Holy Moly room. This fall, we decided to divide the elementary class with the preK though 2nd grade continuing with the Holy Moly curriculum and the 3rd through 5th graders would attend classes in line with the Godly Play curriculum led by Deacon Judy Gann. Deacon Judy and myself also taught a four-week Communion Class for 3rd and 4th graders to better understand the sacrament of Communion. The children painted their own chalices at Purple Glaze and were then presented with their chalice by Bishop Ed.

2018: Holy Moly curriculum continues for prek-2nd graders as does the Godly Play class for our older elementary students. I will also be attending the annual FORMA Conference to learn latest information about formation, best practices and garner some new ideas or ways we can improve.

Vacation Bible School

2017: Our Wizards and Wonders Harry Potter VBS was by far our largest VBS endeavor to date with between 50 and 60 children participating and about 100 people attending our family and volunteer feast at the end of the session. This year’s VBS was a big investment in time from volunteers as well as funds as it was virtually “made-from-scratch.” Everything from wands, to candles, and text books to Quidditch rings were all handmade or designed. We also extended VBS from our usual three-day weekend event to a four-day event to accommodate all the fun activities. We got great responses from kids, parents and volunteers about VBS this year.

2018: A VBS Committee is being formed to look at what we’re doing right, ways we can improve and what our VBS theme for 2018 will be when it comes back in late July.

Family Fun Events

2017: Family Fun Events continue to be a great opportunity for our Christ Church families to fellowship together as well as give children and families an opportunity to participate in fun, and hopefully educational, activities at little or no cost to them. LEGO Day and Splash Pad & Sundaes returned, as well as a trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium and a Drive-In(side) movie; some of our larger Family Fun Events included Easter Egg Hunt; Trunk or Treat; the St. Nicholas Day Party; and the Children’s Christmas Pageant.

Family Fun Outing to the Jenks Aquarium

2018: Family Fun Events will kick off in February with LEGO Day & Taco Bar, possibly a Day at the Park or a trip to Oxley Nature Center in the spring and then Splash Pad & Sundaes in the summer. We’ll have the Easter Egg Hunt in April, Trunk or Treat in October and St. Nicholas Day in December as well.

Men’s Group Dinner by Will Mahoney

The meeting is held the third Thursday of the month for 90 minutes at a place TBD.

The men’s group dinner is a place for men of all walks of life to practice and connect more fully to their truth in the support of a mindful church community.

We fill our mind, body and soul with great food and conversation. Each meeting we try and invite a guest speaker to expand and enlighten our minds as part of God’s community.

It has been my pleasure to be the chair for this wonderful ministry. I wake up every day and thank God for all my blessings and begin to pray for all those individuals that we have been praying for on our list.

Prayer Team by Susan Morgan

This Prayer Team consists of 34 individuals who are truly dedicated and pray every day. We continue to grow each year with people who want to be a part of it. We pray by receiving requests from Fr. Everett, and people from the congregation. We use emails to communicate with those who are on this team. There are supplication, intercessions and thanksgiving prayers. Prayer is the way in which we communicate with God, and learn His plan for us! God wants to hear from us. Our prayer team is committed to serving you through prayer.

There are several kinds of prayers as mentioned above, but we mostly touch on intercessory prayers, which is praying for other people, otherwise, interceding. We offer prayers for the dying, the grieving, the ill, the addicted, surgery, healing, support and comfort. We especially thank God with prayers when they have been answered. There are many prayers in the Psalms offered in thanksgiving. Here is one example: Psalms 100:4-5 in the Bible, which is a prayer of thanks for God’s faithfulness. “Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him, bless his name! For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.”

Praying the words of Scripture, will prove invaluable as you seek to commune with your heavenly Father in prayer each and every day. Most importantly, you will gain a deeper relationship with God.

We welcome you to be with us in prayer. You can also offer your prayers to Fr. Everett, me and anyone else on this team.

I especially thank those on this prayer ministry: Fr. Everett Lees, Anita Chancey, Peggy Annan, Art Paul, Ann VanDoren, Barbara Dinehart, Beth Rosser, Bob Mentzel, Connee Camp, David Bedinghaus, Donna Patterson, Joan Lieser, Jeanne Lanier, Judy Gann, Karen Pierce, Kathryn Melnick, Katie Friesenhahn, Lorra Plummer, Lana Bianchini, Linda Paul, Lori Blankenship, Lynn Woodward, Margaret Young-Jackson, Mike Douthitt, Marcia Sayles, Nan Munkholm, Nancy Brown, Susan Miller, Susan Morgan, Sandy Pike, Susan Cox, Sandy Schaudt, Tigger Taylor, Worth Clinkscales.

Matthew 18:20 – “If two or three of you come together as a community and discern clearly about anything, My Father in heaven will bless that discernment. For when two or three gather together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (The Voice Bible)

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