Genius Hour Mya MAdden

My genius hour project was about helping the homeless. I decided to reasearch what the homeless need, and what they would benefit from. As I reaserched, I came up with the idea to fill bags, boxes, etc. of items that the homeless need. I emailed two organizations to get information about my project. I emailed Family Promise, and they did respond with some very helpful information about my topic. I also emailed Catholic Charities in Spokane, but they never got back to me.

Guiding Questions

-What are some some ways I could help the homeless?

-What would happen if more people helped the homeless?

-What if more people donated to homeless shelters? Would it make a difference?

What are some ways I could help the homeless?

This guiding question is what helped me finalize my idea for my topic. This made me think about how homeless would benefit from so much that they don't have, and how baskets full of many different items would really help them.

What would happen if more people helped the homeless?

I believe that if more people helped the homeless it would make a huge difference. There are so many people who have so much, and could easily help the less fortunate. If lots of people decided to help the homeless it could make a huge impact, and cause there to be less homeless people, and help the homeless people have what they need.

What if more people donated to homeless shelters? Would it make a difference?

This question is a lot like the last one, but I believe that if people even donated money to homeless shelters, it would be extremely beneficial. The homeless shelters are mainly non-profit organizations, and rely on donations. If more people donated to them, it could provide the opportunity for the homeless shelters to do amazing things what helping the homeless.

As I said before, I emailed Family Promise to gain information about my project. In the email I sent them, I asked about what I could put in the packages I had thought about doing. The executive director of Family Promise, Steve Thomas, told me that I could do different packages, with different types of items in them. He said that I could have some with nonparishable food, that wouldn't need to be prepared with a microwave or oven. He also said that I could have one with types of body care items. Things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc. Steve had told me that all of the homeless are in different situations, and some have more than others, so having different packages would be a good idea.

After talking to Steve, I started writing down what I would put in the different baskets. For a basket filled with food, I would put in foods that don't need to be cooked to be eaten. Foods like like crackers, chips, uncrustables, etc. I would include a few plastic water bottles for water as well.

For a package with body care items, I would include things like deodorant, toothpaste, a toothbrush, etc. I could also include things like socks and gloves as well.

While reasearching my genius hour topic, I learned a lot of information and got great answers from people who knew a lot about my topic.


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