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They live amongst us. They have secured high powered political positions within world governments. They are the owners of major corporations, super star athletes in professional organized sports and platinum selling musicians. However, only a select few know the truth of their origins. The rest of them live as "Mutes." Completely oblivious to who and what they truly are. Therians are what they are called. A unique race of shape-shifting beings that in their true form, are more powerful than 10 men.

Brought to the Americas during the human trafficking industry of the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s. World governmental conspiracies have forced the Therians underground. Their existence has been monitored and kept under top secret surveillance. Generations of Therians have been brainwashed and misguided into zero consciousness of their true history.

There is hope for their liberation and it lies within the will of a Mute. A teenaged Therian boy named Abin Best. Abin must choose to accept whether or not he will do what is necessary to free the Therian people and allow them to once again walk as Gods amongst men.

Now Available!

Resurgent: The Rise of Lazarus (Featuring Hip Hop artist Lazarus)

Synopsis: A futuristic dystopia that chronicles the life of a young boy Muslim boy named Kamran Khan, who happens to have the unique power of resurgence, as he and his family try to survive the wrath of a ruthless dictator and his loyal regime.

Now Available for Pre-Order!

P: The Legend of Yukmouth (Featuring Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Artist Yukmouth of the rap duo the Luniz).


Untitled Comedy Pilot being directed by B. Van Randall. Coming 2019. Written, Directed and Co-Produced by B. Van Randall.

About the Creator | Author | Director

Award winning filmmaker and writer!!!

B. Van Randall (The Ghetto Nerd) :

From the ghetto but never fit in…moved to the suburbs and never fit in…creator, visionary, author, father, NERD!

During his time as an inner city youth B. Van Randall (aka The Ghetto Nerd) never really quite fit in. As a teenager he struggled to find his place in a suburban environment as well. Hip hop became his refuge. A place where he could escape using the power of his words to transport himself into an alternate reality. A reality where financial struggles nor any other misfortunes existed.

B. Van Randall was born and raised in the inner city of Detroit, MI to a chronically sick mother who would succumb to her illnesses at the premature age of 47 and a father who for years struggled with mental illness. For most of his life he resided on Detroit’s eastside attending public schools and ultimately graduated from a suburban eastside high school. During his junior and senior years in high school Randall wrote and produced his first hip hop album. Randall eventually went solo and released several hip hop projects.

In 2003, Randall (under the stage name Jezt Bryan) became the first rap artist to perform for troops serving overseas on the military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The performance received national attention.

In 2009, Randall (under the name Van Randall) wrote, directed and produced the stage play “Family Ties: A Van Randall Drama” which was performed at the GM theatre inside the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, MI. The show received positive reviews from fans and critics.

In 2016, Randall reentered the music scene with a new Hip Hop album titled “#Parent|HOOD”, chronicling his life as a family man/ father of four. The album received positive reviews.

2016 was a very productive year for Randall who went on to release his original graphic novel titled “Therians: the Awakening Vol. 1.”

In 2018, Randall decided to convert the graphic novel Therians: the Awakening Vol. 1 into a motion comic. Randall intends to have every chapter of the 100+ page graphic novel animated for visual consumption. The animated series will eventually air on YouTube via the Cartoon Connect Studios channel which hosts 1M+ subscribers.

Randall continues to write for screen, other literature and music. He also travels the globe teaching foreign governments about cryptocurrency, another one of his passions.

News, Interviews and Media

Therians: The Awakening was nominated for a Grrrd Award in 2019.

Therians: The Awakening  was selected by Revolt TV in 2019!

Therians: The Awakening (A Motion Comic) is selected as a Official Selection at The People's Film Festival in Harlem, NY.

B. Van Randall at the video for "Rolls Royce" Featuring Rick Ross, Spice 1 and G. Battles (Single for the original soundtrack to the graphic novel titled "Outlaws" by B. Van Randall, published via Verse Comics USA)
(B. Van Randall invited to speak and present "Therians: The Awakening ( A Motion Comic)" at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.
B Van Randall speaking to the youth at Youthville Detroit about being a writer and the steps to creating comic books and graphic novels.

In 2019, Therians: The Awakening (A Motion Comic) won best Web Series at the Detroit Filmmaker Awards (DFA).

B. Van Randall on with Randi Rosario (Oh So Radio)
Original graphic novel written by B. Van Randall
Kickstarter Campaign 100% Funded!
On February 24, 2019, we launched on crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter!
By February 25, 2019, Therians: The Awakening was listed on Kickstarter.com as a "Project We Love!"
Fans of "Therians" buying autographed copies for their book collection.
October 8, 2018 Screening of "Therians" at the Maple Theater in Bloomfield Hills, MI (Guest included Brandon Reed of Cartoon Connect Studios [1 Million + YouTube Subscribers] & Michigan State Representative Jewell Jones)
"Therians" Comics & Comic Books Event at the Hard Rock Cafe w/ Cosplay (Guest included Instagram celebrities Tattoo Man Paige, Jackpot the Juice & Dub Funny)

B. Van Randall (The Playwright)

Family Ties: A Van Randall Drama (Audience Testimonials)

B. Van Randall (The Hip Hop Artist)

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5000+ Facebook Followers & 6k+ Instagam Followers

What's next?

B. Van Randall has some very interesting graphic novel and TV projects in the works. Stay tuned!

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IG: @TheGhettoNerd | FB: @TheGhettoNerd | Twitter: @TheGhetto_Nerd

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