Music in the Victorian Era Celeste Martinez 5

The music in the Victorian Era had many attributes such as several composers, exactly what songs were being sung, and what genres these songs would be sung in.

London music hall

The composers performing at these music halls consisted of respectable composers and also not well-known composers. Non-the-less, these individuals had given life to the music hall by giving the Victorians the music that they wanted to hear. Composers, such as Michael W. Balfe, Sir Edward Elgar, Edward German, Richard Strauss, and Sir Arthur Sullivan would have all be seen at these music halls pouring their hearts out into their music.

A composer conducting her symphony.

Songs being sung at the music halls were the popular ones that everyone had known at that period in time.These songs would talk about morals, independence, patriarchy, poverty, gender differences, status, and loyalty between friends. Examples of these ideas would be found in "Pretty Polly Perkins in Paddington Green" by H. Clifton, "MacDermott's War Song" by G.W. Hunt, "My Old Dutch: A Cockney Song" by Albert Chevalier, "Champagne Charlie" by George Leybourne and Alfred Lee, and "Comrades" by Felix McGlennon.

To show where several types of music would be sung to an audience

There were several types of genres to sing from in the Victorian Era. The expansion of creating different types of music had influenced other writers to write their music in different stylistic manners. This promoted more variety in music every where. Music being sung at the music varied such as melodrama, opera, pantomime, and tragedies.

Compare and contrast between different styles of music

Music from the Victorian Era can still be seen and heard today. The morals and loyalty they used to sing about is still heard on today's radio stations. The Victorian Era will be remembered because of how they had influenced our musical future.

Moving towards the future


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