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"After Fifty years"

The poem "After Fifty Years" by William Faulkner really resonated with me when I first started reading the beginning part. The speaker says "Her house is empty and her heart is old And filled with shades and echoes that deceive." The poem relates to my personal life because I've went through a lot of things in my life: shelters, family problems, arguments, separations. I notice that the beginning included a metaphor, when the speaker says that it's filled with shades and echoes, I interpreted it by saying that a house and a heart cannot be empty and have echoes but when it's empty, it just gave up, and the echoes are the memories that keep coming again and again. A house can be empty, but when it's empty it means it's lonely and dark. "Her heart is old" the speaker is makes that line stand out to me because an old heart is the heart that's been strong for so long and now it's given up.

"The adventures of a turtle"


The poem "The Adventures Of A Turtle" by Russell Edson is about a turtle who does what it does throughout their day, it lifts itself and has a good life till a child picks them up, so the turtle tries to escape out from their hand. I interpreted this poem by saying that the turtle is a person who has a good life, lifts themselves up, until a problem comes their way and they try to escape from it. This relates to me when I connect it to real life situations and education because I always lift myself up and then reach a point where Conflict comes my way, and I always try to find a way to escape from it and live my life.


The poem "Alone" by Edger Poe speaks to all the people who have felt like they've move on with life alone, who spent their time being alone. I relate this to my life not saying I am alone all the time but I've have moments where I was left to be alone. I look around and there's nobody out there who you can go and have a real conversation with. The speaker says "and all I lov'd i lov'd alone..... Of a demon in my view" i would interpret this saying there are bad people out there and show fake love so you can't show real love to anybody. This reminds me of my thoughts and how I feel about the people around me because being in high school, everyone talks about everyone and you don't know who's real and who's not so if you want to live happy and succeed your goals, just stay alone till you find the ones that are right for you. This also reminds me of trust issues because you can't trust your surroundings.

"Friendship between Ephelia and Ardelia"

The poem "Friendship Between Ephelia And Ardelia" by Anne Finch describes a good friendship between two people sharing a beautiful friendship, the speaker tells how friendship brings Joy and grief, how you should treat each other well, when we you need someone to let things out with you go to them, this relates a lot to my life because I have a Bestfriend that I've shared my life with for 8 years now, and when I'm upset she makes me laugh, whenever I fee alone, she's the first person that comes in my head, if I ever mistreat her I would feel bad and make it up to her. She's the person that brings joy and grief to my life. The speaker says "words indeed no more can show: but tis to love, as I love you." I make sure to let her know that I love her and she means a lot to me.

"Lucinda Matlock"

The poem "Lucinda Matlock" by Edger Masters talks about a women changing partners, and that change lead to a good road, a good life, I always think that change isn't so bad because it might bring you good, it doesn't always but if your lucky and choose the right change it will succeed you into a right path. The speaker says " one time we changed partners..... We got married and lived together for seventey years."


By: Seigfried Sassoon

The poem "Absolution" by Siegfried Sassoon, I interpret this poem by saying the negative things that happen around us but that should not let us down, there are things out there that need to make us happy, the beauty of nature sparks in our eyes, the things that hurt us need to pass and go on and we need to get away from them. This is an encouraging poem that stands out to me because there are a lot of negative things that happen in our lives and they always seem to get to us and sometimes get us to point to give up. I've gone that path a lot of times and I think that this poem relates to me because now I got to a point where whenever there's conflict, i solve it and move on with my life, friends that I called friends that back stabbed me, I shouldn't cry over them or care about them because there are more beautiful personalities out there and more things to do with life.

"Advice from La Llorona

By: Deborah Miranda

The poem "Advice From La Llorona" by Deborah Miranda, is a good poem for people who don't know what to do with life or their stuck at some pointing their life and they don't know what to do, this poem relates to me because a long time ago I used to be this person that I didn't like at all, I wanted to be like everyone else and I ever thought things through. I always went with what comes my way. Then I realized that it does me no good at all. In the poem it says "each grief has its unique side." I couldn't find my unique side, I took a side that copied someone else instead of something unique. I thought things through after a while and said to myself that changing isn't going to hurt me at all. I shouldn't change a lot I just need to change little things in my life that I didn't like about myself. The speaker says

Don't feel guilty of you have a good time.

Don't act as if you haven't been hit by a Mack


Do things a little differently

But don't make a lot of changes.

The little change that happened to me is the way I act, the things I do and what I believe in.


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