App Journal orlando mortimer boone martínez

Lesson 1

- whatsapp: I use whatsapp to communicate trough text messages with my friends or family.

- facebook: I use facebook to post opinions, photos, or to see photos from my friends.

- snapchat: I use snapchat to see what my friends are doing or to record fun moments.

- instagram: I use instagram to upload my photos and to see photos from friends.

- Netflix: I use Netflix to watch movies or series i like.

Lesson 2

I would create an app for athletes, which would give them workout routines to improve an specific area. for example, someone wants to increase his speed, so the app would give him a routine with exercises specific for increasing speed.

Lesson 3

These apps in my opinion are used by people above the age of 12, by people who understand social media and talk with their friends. also they were downloaded by people who love to record or photograph moments of their life. These apps are easy to use, and they satisfy the needs of people.

Lesson 4

- whatsapp

- facebook

- instagram

- snapchat

- Netflix

These apps are easy to use, because they have tools that make it easy to use for the auidence who use these apps.

Lesson 5

One of the problems with athletes, is that sometimes they cant find a very good wotkout routine, they find general workout routines, so this app will make it easier for athletes to find specific workout routines.

This app could be better than other workout apps, because most of the workout apps give you general routines, while this app could give you routines to work on specific areas.

Lesson 6


My app will give athletes their desired routine. I plan to make this app to give all those athletes that want to be the very best at their sport and all those athletes that work hard an easy tool for them to achieve their goal.

Lesson 7

The main tool the app will use will be the touchscreen, to interact with the app. The app will work by asking you questions about what you want to improve at, and it will give you a routine made by many links on Internet, or routines made by specialists.


lesson 8

This app will have customizable features, like color, themes, etc. so the users feel comfortable while using the app. Also it will have a system where you can save the routines you liked, so you can use the app without being connected to wi-fi. Also useres will be able to evaluate each routine with 1-5 stars, and they will also be able to give feedback or suggestions for improvement of the app.

bfore using the app, the app will ask you to fill in some personal information, like age, height, weight, health issues, etc. so the users can get personalized routines for them.

lesson 9

I would improve many things from workout apps in the appstore, like Gym workouts, which is an app in the appstore that offers many workout routines, you get a lot to choose from in this app, and you have to kind of make your own routine. AthetesGuide will make the routine for you taking into consideration your personal information, to make a perfect workout routine for you.

Athletes are looking for a way to improve in the sport they play, also many athletes forget sometimes their workout days. AthletesGuide will offer workout routines to improve in a specific sport, also it will offer a schedule feature, so athltes dont forget their workout.

lesson 10

The app will use clarity, so all the icons, letters and images are in a high resolution, so the users wont have a hard time trying to identify the icons or letters, etc.

lesson 11

In my personal opinion, attractive icons are those which have a good combination in colors, and those which use attractive colors like red, or yellow. some apps that in my opinion have attractive icons are: instagram, snapchat, and some games like geometry dash.

Some apps that I haven't stop using since the moment I installed them are: facebook, since i use it everyday to check out what's new, also whatsapp, because it is the app that I mainly use to chat.



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