Sports Day Pre Prep

180 young competitors fuelled up on picnics with mums and dads and then marched with purpose to the Orley Athletics Park...they were here to show us their ambition and resilience on an extraordinarily hot day!

They ran, jumped, threw, bounced, leapt and hurdled through a multitude of events that had the crowds cheering and whooping - this was about being an individual performer but it was also about doing it for the greater good. Pride was at stake here as last year the day went to the Elephants! Could the Pandas, Whales or Tigers steal the House Cup?

It was a blisteringly hot day and I was blown away at the way that the children put heart and soul into each and every event. We must not underestimate the challenge that this will have presented for some of them, with parents cheering and the sheer overwhelming scale of the event...and yet they smiled, laughed, congratulated each other and really did get the very most out of each event!

Our Yr 6 helpers were fantastic as they guided and supported the Pre Prep competitors around their events, this group found time to give us a wave!

This afternoon Pam Knightley was our principle guest, having served Orley Farm as a teacher and Pre Prep administrator for 21 years, who has undoubtedly earned retirement this summer as she heads to join family in Liverpool. It was particularly fitting the Pam was able to award the House Cup to the mighty Elephants!

I would like to thank Miss Hehir and her team for organising a stunning end to the sporting year for Pre Prep. It was wonderful to see the culmination of all of those PE lessons and have a taste of the talent and resilience that will fuel the Orley teams for the years ahead!

Tim Calvey

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