Discussion Questions:

1. How important is it to relax and be yourself around other young adults? Is it sometimes difficult when you’re trying to make a good impression?

2. How important is it that your boy/girlfriend shares your faith and values? Do you think you can change or convert him or her? (Tip 9)

3. Do you agree with the idea of being friends first? (Tip 10)

4. Are group dates a good idea? (Tip 11) What ideas can you come up with for good group dates?

5. Is chivalry dead? Ladies, do you enjoy or want to be treated like a lady? Gentlemen, do you enjoy or want to be the heroic knight, or is that too old fashioned? (Tip 12)

6. Do you believe Tip 16 is true—that you won’t be able to see the other person clearly when you’re deep in a relationship? Can you commit to asking someone(s) their honest opinion and take their advice seriously? Or do you think no one will understand the relationship except the two of you?

7. Tips 18-20—Do you know anyone like this? Have you ever done this?

8. Briefly review tips 24-35—the “don’ts” of dating. Have you or anyone you know done any of these? Why do you think they do? How can these pitfalls be avoided?

Personal Reflections:

1. Am I ready to find my future spouse? Are there any issues I need to work on? Do I need spiritual advising or therapy to help me with baggage and past hurts?

2. Am I still hung up on an old flame whom I need help getting over before I can move on?

3. Am I looking and feeling my best? Are there internal areas I could improve to be better marriage material?

4. What is my wants vs. needs list? (Tip 3)

5. Is my prayer life on track? (Tips 6-8) Am I being impatient or am I open and trusting the will of God?

6. Reflect on tip 22 if you’re a girl, and tip 23 if you’re a guy. What can you do to improve your physical appearance or that of your home to make you and it more appealing?

7. Review tips 24-35 and ask yourself if you’re doing any of these. Are you ready to make a change and do what needs to be done? Are you strong enough to let the other person go if need be?


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