Ancient African Kingdoms that are not lame ;) Carson Williams


Map of Ghana

Ghana has lots of plains , low hills, and rivers.Ghana also has a tropical climate.


The most followed religion in Ghana is Christianity.The second most followed religion was Muslim.

The slave trade started when people from the west kidnapped africans and sold them to other people.

These are the Cool kids on the block

The kings were called ghāna. Ghana has a giant trade.They started in the year 400.It started to decline when a muslim leader led a war

Ghana was influined by trade around it.It got them new religions and languages.

Ghana is now a democracy and is doing fairly well.

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flag on a map

Mali is very similar to Ghana, but is closer to the equater.

Mali is more promintly Muslim with 98 percent of the population.

The african people kidnapped there brothers and sold them to arabs


Mali had Mansa Musa and he was the raddest guy ever.He ruled from (1280-1337). He declined when he came to Mecca and showed off his gold.


Mali was heavlly influinced by trade.This is why they are prodominity muslim.

Current Mali is the 8th biggest country in Africa with a population of 14 million people.Half of the population is below the poverty line.

J. Griffith personal communication, March, 2017)


map of Songhi

Rainforest, Niger River, Sahara Desert,and savanas are the kind of biomes in songhi

Songhai was prodominity muslim

Slaves transported goods across the Sahara Desert and were normally POW

Askia Mohammed Toure introduced measures to standerdize trading.They mainly traded salt and gold..

songhi flag

Songhi is now morocco and the people there are very poor.

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Map of Benin

The kingdom of benin is deep inside a rain forest it also has many rivers.

They have there own religion it's called ego , the world is divided into abon and erinmwin.

The europeans were the ones getting the slaves and benin was kidnapping their brothers.

Benin traded with the portuguese for ivory, pepper, other exports.

The main kings Benin made art of was Ewuare, Ozolua, Esigie, Orhogbua, and Ehengbuda.They were the best at taking over other people.

Most of there culture came from there religion except there art which is famous because it was made from brass.

Benin now speaks french and has has a population of 10.32 million.

"Edo." Encyclopedia of World Cultures. . 9 Mar. 2017 <>.

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