Google Networks Optimized setup

It all starts with Google

Google goes without saying, is the biggest Search engine, platform, Network & productivity / Utilty based service provider on the Planet.

Setting up Your brand Correctly from the start is vital from account sign up to your Buisiness profile your information is distributed through out all services.

Drive folders for sharing

Paying a lot of attention to detail in privacy settings,account verifications & Profile building is how you maximize your search rank and visibility.

Gmail folders and Tags

Googles Social networks are all part of the top platforms and combined setup creates a Hub / template for every Media type we create. Youtube, Blogger , google plus, Hangouts,

Google Drive , Photos are a major perk for content management. It Is user friendly protected & easily accessible between associates.

You tube channel

Gmail , Hangouts, Calendar, Docs, Forms & are my go to for Contact management. They are a Jewel when used & setup productively.

Google photo albums

Advertieing on google is the standard and norm for online advertising. Theirs "display networks" are across hundreds of media outlets. With options that are based on media type. Giving you programs & applications to create , maintain & learn from campaign. These ads are very affordable and runs on a bid system. Where the most qualified buyer is not the highest bidder it is actually the most relevant content and most optimized settings that win the bids with less money.



Google plus

The worlds biggest search engines social network


Google is by far the Big brother of social & Branding online. Denying that is denying your pressence and growth. That's why the big setup starts here and the goal ? Is to be able at the end to effectively use their advertisement display networks.

Blogging Foundation

I love Getting lost in googles Websight. It's full of resources and information.

Think with google... we do.

Final thought on google networks

All your verifications & Advertisement is used through google. All of your profile and media is shared between your google networks. It is not to be taken lightly or as a second thought.

We truly take the time to set this up for you & your business

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Roly Daniel


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