A Nurse's Knowledge Juliet Capulet's nurse

Wow. You guys would not believe the last couple of days. Life went from zero to sixty in a matter of three days! How is that even possible? It went from just taking care of a perfect teenage girl to finding that same girl dead on her second wedding day..I'll start from the beginning so you guys know how it all began. Shortly after I was married, I had lost a child,so I was deeply distraught. I then began working for one of the most powerful families in Verona; The Capulet family. They had a little girl that I was to be taking care of. She was an angel, a perfect little girl. Here I'll show you guys how cute she was...

So anyway, she was always a good kid, never did a thing her parents said not to. We became really close, I became her confident. Juliet's family was one of the most powerful and important in Verona, set aside the Montague family of course. The Capulet and Montague families had been in this feud for as long as I've known. It affected everyone in some way, but most of the time it was just with the men. Until recently, that is.I seemed that all of a sudden out of no where everyone in Verona was getting pulled into this. It's such a stupid thing you know? Pointless even. I'd love to write some more but I'm very exhausted so I'm going to get some sleep I'll write more about it tomorrow.I won't leave out a single detail.


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