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Q: What is the most effective style of government?

A: The most effective style of government is representative democracy. It is the most effective because citizens get to vote for leaders and can help decide who would make good decisions for them. This is better than direct democracy because in a direct democracy citizens vote on every little law, while in representative democracy citizens vote for someone to make choices for them. Ideally, they choose someone that has the same beliefs them and will vote on laws for them. Citizens therefore do not have to vote on every decision, which would take a lot of time. A representative democracy is also better than a dictatorship because in a dictatorship there is only one leader who has total control and citizens have limited rights. With a representative democracy there is more than one person making the decisions and the citizens have chosen who will make these decisions for them. Society is best off when there is a balance between having every voice represented while not forcing citizens to have to vote on every single law or rule on their own.

Q: What makes a good citizen?

A:Being a good citizen means that one must follow their individual responsibilities. Paying taxes and following all the laws that don't violate ones rights. The opportunity to make an informed vote is a right that all are encouraged to take advantage of.The right to freedom of speech is a right that everyone should be able to exercise without fear of authority. In some situations, however, freedom of speech is not fully protected. For example, yelling “bomb” in an airport is not allowed or protected. It can cause panic and lead to being arrested.

In a democracy citizens are allowed to vote.

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