The Harn Art Museum BY kyle powalski

This Piece was Untitled, created in 1973

This piece is one that really proves the saying that 'anything can be art'. This sculpture was in the american wing of the museum and it was made by John Chamberlin in 1973 and is made out of aluminum foil, acrylic, lacquer and poly-resin. this piece is the type that grabs your attention very quickly as you walk in to the room. Its not your average painting on the wall and it doesn't take the form of the average sculpture. when you see it, you instantly want to know what it is, who made it and what its made of. I found that art can be and is much more that just paintings and I was amazed at how physically demanding it must have been to form such a piece of art. This piece of art made me feel like art could be transformed from anything around me and it has made me believe that anyone can become and artist, they just need to find their medium.

This photo is of the entrance to the Asian wing of the museum. this room really caught my eye because of all the beautiful wood flooring, shelving and trim pieces. I like the design of this wing because it offers a great contrast to the rest of the museum. It breaks up the design of the rest of the museum; which feels a little cold with one-color rooms and concrete floors. this part of the museum gives you a very warm feeling with all of the wood used in the construction and the displays. All this use of the wood makes you feel like its in your own home. This makes you feel like you are viewing all this art in the comfort of your own home and it makes it easier to emotionally connect to the art.


This bronze sculpture that is entitled Family really spoke to me when i first saw it. One of my biggest core values is family and family connections and this piece really spoke to that park of me. seeing this piece of art helps me realize how important that value is to me and that it is important enough to other people to display it in the form of art. seeing this piece got me a little emotional about being away from my family and it made me realize how important they are to me and how important it is to have and maintain strong connections with those family members.

Florida Landscape- 1875

This oil painting of a Florida swamp and this portrays the themes of nature and human interaction with nature. this piece helps bring out this theme by exhibiting a little piece of old Florida before many people were here. it shows a little piece if the wild that has yet to be touched by mankind. it really puts into perspective the impact that we have on out environment whether we want to or not. it speaks to today's current conservation movement on how it is important that we need to save the parts of the environment that are still in this pristine condition. this piece, although created almost 150 years ago, has really transcended time and proven to be representative of mankind's interactions with nature.

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