Dr. Treadwell: Helping Small Farmers. Nic Yacoboni & Harry Edwards

Dr. Treadwell is a “jack of all trades.” She conducts countless agricultural experiments, spends hours studying and preparing for her trials and research. Whether its potatoes, peanuts, peaches, and in this case carrots, it does not matter. She wants to do the research and conduct the experiment. The best part about her awesome work ethic is that all these hours and days working in her office or spending countless hours on the field is not used for her own personal gain. In fact, Dr. Treadwell works solely to help the farmers who’s lively hoods depend on the research she finds. Even though it sounds like there is not enough time, Dr. Treadwell has a life outside of all her work. She is a happy wife, proud mother, avid cook, experienced traveler, and quite the grease monkey. Yes, you heard me right, not only is she putting hours and hours into her experiments and research, but she knows how to fix and operate most of the heavy machinery as well.

Dr. Treadwell in Live Oak, FL

Treadwell originally graduated from North Carolina State and Clemson and has been working at the University of Florida since then. And boy is the University and the surrounding farmers happy she is here. In her most recent experiment, Dr. Treadwell was working with carrots. She wanted to find an organic method to lower Nitrogen levels because in North-Central Florida, the ground provides much more nitrogen than other areas. On April 8th, 2019 Treadwell and her associate Jose were able to show off their work and harvest to other researchers, local carrot farmers, and ag students. We all met at North FL Research & Education Center Suwannee Valley in Live Oak, Florida. Even though her study will still need another year or two to see the results she wants, her harvest this year was better than the harvest this time last year.

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