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Mount Everest

Come visit the first worldest tallest mountain in the world. Here you can see beautiful Nepal st the summit 29,029 ft above sea level. Make sure you go to the Himalayas during July because it will only be -2 degrees Fahrenheit never go during January. Here we will see both China and Nepal at the same time. As you climb up you adapt to different climates and learn teamwork skills.

Plateu of Tibet ( " Roof of the World ")

If you love animals you love Plateu of Tibet. I bet has over 142 species of mammals , 473 species of birds ( so if you like bird watching these is the place for you ) , 49 species of reptiles, 44 species of amphibians, 64 speacies of fish. The climate is not that bad it has a high altitude and is dry (arid). If you are there watch out for hail. It gets about 3.9 to 11.7 inches a year mostly hail.

Tikimkan desert

Make sure to bundle up when going to the Talklimakan desert because the temps are around 14 to 16 degrees fahrenheit in July. There's only about 1.5 inches of rainfall each year so make sure you bring water and stay hydrated. Make sure to pack sunglasses to protect your eyes from the moving sand. You'll be traveling to the south west xinjiang uyghur autonomous region north west.

Gobi Desert

Northern China and southern Mongolia share the Gobi Desert. You'll see very rare animals like snow leopards and Bactrian camels. Get ready to dump your shoes out because you'll be climbing dunes and mountains of sand. Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen because there isn't a lot of shade due to rare vegation.

North China Plain

Here you'll see different vegation areas with wheat, cotton, and peanuts. You'll get to see the rare giant pandas. It's bordered on the north by the yanshan mountains and on the west by Taichung mountains and you will get to see the beautiful yellow river.

Yellow River

You may think the Yellow River is unpleasant but really it only seems that way because of the huge amount of loose sediment changing the water color. You can do different activities and you will get to see different species of fish. But be careful annual floods occur.

Chang Jiang River

You will see over 350 different species of fish. You will see the Chinese alligator and theChinese dolphin while your on a lovely evening boat ride. It's the longest river in China and third longest in the world. Be prepared to see golden monkey flying around it the willow trees and pandas climbing up bamboo but don't get too close.

Bay of Bengal

Enjoy a nice bite of mango and jackfruit while watching elephants graze the area. You sill also visit the four different vegation zones including the Eastern, Central, Southern and Northwest zone. You may also get to experience helping the fish.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is part of the Ancient Egyptians lives. The Dead Sea is 42 miles wide and 11 miles long. You will not be able to swim here because it is super salty if you try to you'll just float. As your travelin got the Dead Sea you'll get to see beautiful Jordan in Irasel.

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