ever wondered who made the most historic and famous discovery in ancient Egypt? want to follow the Egyptologist all history ? read on to find out more. On November 4TH 1992, By the light of a candle ,Howard Carter discovered the mystery of an ancient Egypt Faro in the Alley of the kings in Egypt . This made ancient Egypt and king Tut very famous and more people started arriving in Egypt to visit the tomb of were he died . Historians learned so much about the people who lived there 3000 years ago. there culture , beliefs and daily lives from the objects found in king Tuts tomb.

Howard Carter was born in Italy on the 4th of May 1874 . His dad was very special and successful as a portrait painter in the country England . Howard Carter was very good at being an artist because he had good talent as a child. Although, he did not want to be a portrait painter, he wanted to be an Archaeologist . with his father's help he got a job.

When he got a job, which was an Egyptologist . Over time, he became convinced that the Egyptologist working in the valley of kings had somehow overlooked the tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun. some things had been found with Tutankhamun's name on them , a cup ,some jars and even some thin sheets of gold. All of these artifacts had been found very close to the empty tomb of another king.


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