ASOS Social Media Strategy

What is ASOS?

ASOS is an online clothes and shoes store. The British retailer provides all types of clothing, that fit women, men, and children from over 850 brands. Moreover, the store also produces its own merchandise, selling self-made accessories and clothing that represent the brand. The store also has an international client network, for it ships up to 140 countries. Lastly, as of August 2015 the revenues of asos were of £1,119.9 million, becoming one of the largest retailer stores in Europe. For our social media strategy we have decided to come up with a way in which could use microblogging through Twitter, the social media platform, to increment its popularity and strengthen the name of the brand.

Integrate your Twitter activity with your content marketing

The main action we have to take when deciding to use twitter as a social media is what content we want to post: photos, photos with quotes or just quotes. In the case of asos, we are focusing our tweets mainly to a young audience (between 15 and 40). Having that on mind, it's obvious that a visual contents is much more important than written contents. Nevertheless, it's necessary to establish relations with the consumers. A daily refresh of what's going on in Asos and how they work might be useful for the consumers and would help to the creation of a relation with consumers.

Another important tactic might be the number of tweets you should post daily, what days and at what hours. Asos should post this tweets mainly on the weekend, where fashion brands are more checked by users. The best hours are 6pm and 12pm for interactions, while 5pm is the best hour for raising your retweets. The number of tweets might be relevant on the future, but in the start Asos should focus on building its brand, decide what content they have to post and increase the interactions among its community.

Engage your Twitter audience

Lots of companies nowadays know that the number of followers on social media is not as important as the engagement of those followers. The engagement of followers is shown by the number of interactions a tweet has: its comments, retweets and likes. This engagement is a key concept in which Asos should focus to discover whether its microblogging strategy on twitter is working or not.

One of the main actions a company has to perform in order to gain audience engagement is understand their audience preferences, investigate which tweets are the most retweeted and shared ones and create similar content in the next ones. Asos should also try to answer all the comments of the different tweets and resolve the questions of all its consumers in a short period of time, while treating them as part of a big and happy family in which all problems can be resolved.

Integrate visual content

For ASOS, as a brand that represents the up-and-coming ‘trendiness’ of fashion it is very important for them to display their concept, as well as products, visually. It is no secret that in today’s society with all the data we consume every day it is a struggle to capture a consumer’s attention, and hence it is vital to rely on pictures and videos that are capable of grabbing the consumer’s eye. As Twitter is a platform in which people tend to scroll through rather quickly, adapting and using more images can force a consumer to stop and ponder the message at hand. Making these photographs as compelling and as attractive as they can be, is key. Whether this is achieved by using celebrities, models, or regular-everyday people depends on the marketing research conducted. Visually appealing photographs and videos also have a higher tendency to be shared, and ‘re-tweeted’ which allows the company to reach a greater, and far more diverse audience. At the end of the day, as ASOS is a fashion brand, they also need a podium to showcase their actual products, what better place is there than this fast-paced platform that has over 320 million users, with the number steadily increasing. As the old saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, and for better or for worse, without appealing visual content it is almost impossible to get through to the consumer.

All in all, in this ever-so-rapidly changing 21st century using social media to bolster the marketing of a company is of utmost importance. Twitter is one of the largest social media platform’s of microblogging that allows the company to subtly and concisely place and promote their product. That being said, it is also significant to have a good strategy in regards to the way Twitter is used, which was outlined above. With a good Twitter marketing campaign ASOS can strengthen their position as one of the largest online retailers when it comes to clothing. It also opens up new opportunities for a company, and consistently works on increasing the number of consumers, as well as reaching a larger population.

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